Who’s Watching Out for the Children? A Controversy in China and the Vaccination of Infants in the US


Author: Jeff Lindsay

4 thoughts on “Who’s Watching Out for the Children? A Controversy in China and the Vaccination of Infants in the US

  1. Jeff,

    I am deeply concerned about children and excessive gaming etc. A recent study from BYU marks the dangers of depression, anxiety and gaming can lead, and does lead many youth to a pornography addiction.

    1. Yes, this is a legitimate concern that I also share. I’ve seen its destructive effects in both the US and in China. It might be a good time for more attention to this issue by proactive parents with supplemented guidance and encouragement from Church leaders.

  2. “I appreciated the good-citizen approach of the Church in encouraging us to do our best to prevent COVID and its spread, and can understand the good-faith effort to encourage vaccination. It was surely a wise thing to do in light of what was known then.”

    I agree with you on almost all of this post, Jeff, but surely you can see the problem with this statement. A Prophet of God SHOULD know. People put their faith in the Lord’s mouthpiece that following him will ultimately work out because we trust he has the foresight.

    Jesus tells us to judge prophets by their fruit. I think by now we can see very clearly that the vaccine has not measured up anywhere close to what it was originally touted as. Not to mention the fact that the anti Covid measures were used globally to usurp basic human rights.

    I think we should recall the words from the talk by Elder Christofferson, “The Doctrine of Christ.”:
    “At the same time it should be remembered that not every statement made by a Church leader, past or present, necessarily constitutes doctrine. It is commonly understood in the Church that a statement made by one leader on a single occasion often represents a personal, though well-considered, opinion, not meant to be official or binding for the whole Church. The Prophet Joseph Smith taught that “a prophet [is] a prophet only when he [is] acting as such.”

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