Xiaogang, Anhui contract
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China Has More to Offer Than Fireworks When It Comes to Celebrating Liberty

When Americans want to celebrate the Fourth of July and other big events, we often turn to China to benefit from their long history of…

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Reardon meta-analysis: 50% increase in materla deaths after abortion
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Discussing Abortion With Your Children and Others: Please Include the Science on the Health of Women

Members of  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who understand the Church’s position on abortion or the reasons for its emphasis on the family and the sanctity of human life need to be better prepared to talk to our children and others about the issue of abortion. As we listen gently to sincere questions or concerns, we must also find the right moments to teach based on sound doctrine but also sound science.

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A Terrible Time to Be Alive? Helping Our Children Resist One of the Most Harmful Lies of the Adversary

A faithful Young Women’s leader here in Wisconsin was recently teaching some of her young women about the importance of family and the sacred blessings that come from raising children. One girl raised her hand and said she didn’t think she should have any children because her teachers at school had explained that the earth is about to run our of air and water, making this a terrible time to bring more children into the world.

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Baby jumps for joy
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A Glorious Day for Life: The Courage of the Supreme Court in Rejecting the Bad Law and Bad Science of Roe v. Wade

One of the darkest chapters of American history, one that has caused the unnecessary deaths of millions of the most vulnerable and innocent among us, has just become a little brighter with a genuinely courageous Supreme Court ruling today that overturns one of the most egregious examples of bad law and bad science in recent decades. This doesn’t make abortion illegal, though. It just leaves the decision to the states. It’s not a huge change for the right to life, but an important decision nonetheless.

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Who’s Watching Out for the Children? A Controversy in China and the Vaccination of Infants in the US

This is a time for parents around the world to be more vigilant when it comes to protecting their children. Parents in both China and the US have recently learned that schools can’t be blindly trusted to be safe or wise. But now parents need to recognize that health officials also might not be worthy of blind trust. The tricks with data used to justify vaccines for infants in the US may be a cause for parental concern.

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Mormanity Has Moved to AriseFromTheDust.com

For nearly 20 years, I’ve been blogging on the Mormanity blog at Mormanity.blogspot.com, part of Google’s Blogger service. Recently I’ve wondered how to abandon the…

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