I try to be responsive, but my email burden is pretty heavy. I often get back to random emails within at least 24 hours (sorry — the “at least” is not a typo). Perhaps even faster if your begin your email with something that will get my attention.

For example, you could try this opening:

Dear Beneficiary:  My beloved friend, I am the former Prime Minister of Upper Outer Cosmogovia and selected your random email to receive $666 million dollars which I ruthlessly looted from my feckless fellow followers of fortune, the now impoverished people of the once-great Upper Outer Cosmogovia. I assure you that I will be completely trustworthy in this transaction….

You can reach me at jeff (my first name) at jefflindsay (my first and last names together) d0t(.) com. 


See text to the left.

Address: It Varies

Most recently: Wisconsin, Illinois, Turkey, and Bulgaria. Coming soon: Utah and its tributaries.