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For nearly 20 years, I’ve been blogging on the Mormanity blog at, part of Google’s Blogger service. Recently I’ve wondered how to abandon the name “Mormanity” and be less dependent on Google without losing the information and discourse from the Mormanity blog. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I understand how important it is to reflect the proper name of the Church which focuses on the Savior, rather than the ancient scribe and general whose name appears on a unique sacred record we have, the Book of Mormon. Settling on an approach was difficult, in part due to some technical difficulties with Blogger and the old theme I was using. Finally, after overcoming the technical problems in moving from Blogger to a new domain, I’m ready to make the switch to “Arise from the Dust” here at This new name for the blog still reflects my passion for the Book of Mormon, where the theme of arising from the dust permeates the book. It also reflects my deep testimony of the reality and divinity of Jesus Christ, who invites all of us to arise from the dust and follow Him in a covenant relationship. 

Nearly all past Mormanity posts, including comments, have been transferred here. There is still work to do in adding categories and developing the design and layout of the blog, and your suggestions are welcome. Meanwhile, existing links to Mormanity should redirect here. Wish me luck as I’m quite an amateur in such matters. 

Thank you to my readers for your support and comments over the years. This blog began in 2004 and has been a fascinating journey for me. I’ve enjoyed the ability to get rapid feedback, from foes and friends alike, as I pursue various issues and lines of thought. I’m grateful for your insights and guidance, and hope that will continue.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

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