People to Keep in Your Prayers: Those Who Defend Our Nation

On a very serious note, I hope many of your will remember the many men and women in harm’s way doing their best to honor their oath to serve and protect our nation. Keep them in your prayers. There are so many brave and valiant people out there standing tall for us. I suggest praying not only those overseas, but those defending our borders over here, where the dangers are becoming increasingly severe. In some tragic cases (e.g., the prosecution of Ramos and Compean), more than prayer might be helpful. Perhaps a call to the Whitehouse might help.

And for those overseas, pray that they might be kept safe, that they might find ways to do good, and that they might be kept out of hopeless situations. I guess that means we’ve got to pray for our leaders as well, in addition to using the powers of representative government to bring about righteous change.

I pray that our young men and young women may be able to choose and fulfill missionary service, if they wish, or to pursue whatever education and career opportunities they wish, rather than having to risk death and disaster caught up in futile foreign entanglements, the very thing our Founding Fathers were so against. As we become more embroiled in the wars prophesied for this era, I fear the return of the draft to fuel the ever growing demand for bodies to throw into the maelstrom of global violence.

Pray for peace.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

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