Draper Stealth Temple Unveiled

Check out the areal photograph of the Draper Utah Temple at LDSChurchTemples.com. What you see – or may not see – is the new Stealth Temple developed by LDS engineers retired from the US Airforce, applying recently declassified stealth technologies to the new LDS temple. “Stealth technology makes new temples basically hidden except for those with special goggles now issued with temple recommends in stealth temple districts,” explained an LDS spokesman on conditions of anonymity. “This way, we don’t bother the neighbors and are less likely to attract anti-Mormon protestors. Plus we don’t have to spend so much lighting up exteriors.”


Author: Jeff Lindsay

1 thought on “Draper Stealth Temple Unveiled

  1. /pride from the bottom looking up
    From the Revised Encyclopedia of Zion: “Stealth temples saw their first use in Draper, Utah where the temple’s relatively modest architecture would otherwise have detracted from the palatial and extravagant neighborhood in which is was situated. Neighbors threatened to sue the LDS Church for blocking the view for which they had paid such a premium but quickly agreed on the stealth design in settlement talks in order to secure the land value bump attendant to the new construction without having to endure comparisons of how much larger their homes were than the new temple.”
    /end pride from the bottom looking up

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