Mormon Cigars?

Is there such a thing as Mormon cigars? I feel this need to hand them out to celebrate the return of my son from his two-year mission in the Las Vegas Nevada West mission. Just picked him up at the airport, took him and the family to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, and am now waiting for his official release with the Stake President in a few minutes. Not sure if Mormon cigars are the appropriate gift. Maybe some fresh Wisconsin cheese curds. Wait, I know – smoked cheddar, a Wisconsin specialty.

His mission truly exceeded my expectations. How he’s grown, and what a wonderful time he had among the fabulous people of Nevada. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the wonderful members and investigators and friends of the Church that took care of my son, that listened to his messages, that fed him, helped him, and made his experience so memorable. What a terrific experience he had. It changed his life, he told me tonight, and it really shows. He’s so much more confident and exudes happiness. I’m amazed at how he has grown and at the miracles and blessings he has experienced, things that have greatly strengthened his testimony of the power of the Gospel, and mine.

If you’re in the Fox Valley area of Wisconsin, feel free to drop by my home on Sunday, anytime from 4:00 to 7:00 pm, for a reception for my son.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

12 thoughts on “Mormon Cigars?

  1. I wish I could drop by. I would love to meet you and your son. It is so nice when people you haven’t even met are a bright spot in your life. Thanks for all you do and wonderful wishes to your whole family.

  2. I was there back in ’99 and served in the Mt Rose III ward that eventually, on my last week there, split into an English Ward and a Spanish Branch. That was a very nice ward to be in. Everyone and their uncle were doctors. We worked our butts off to get that Branch and it was nice to see it finally happen. I’d sure love to know where else he served.

  3. Just a suggestion, but you already probably know this. Now that he’s back, encourage him to get a job and to stay busy. It’s a huge change to go from always busy to having to figure out what to do next.

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