Choice LDS Missionaries: Invite Them into Your Home

Recently we had two local LDS missionaries into our home for lunch. One of them, Elder Vaughan from Alaska, offered a short spiritual message after the meal that set off all sorts of alarms in my head. Ding ding ding ding – alert, alert: wow, this young man is sincerely trying to strengthen our testimonies and make our lives better. There was such a great spirit as he taught and shared, and it was so clear that he was there purely as a servant of God. Not just someone trying to do something religious, but as an authorized, inspired, active servant of our Lord Jesus Christ, there to bless the lives of the Lindsay family and anyone who will listen. It really made an impression on me.

Words do not do justice to this very brief but powerful interaction, but it reminded me that there are some remarkably choice servants of God out there. I hope we can recognize the missionaries as more than just young people trying to endure many months way from home, but as real servants of God with something that can bless our lives. Invite them into your home and see for yourself.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

12 thoughts on “Choice LDS Missionaries: Invite Them into Your Home

  1. Personally, I like having the missionaries for dinner, because they appreciate my cooking–which means they have awfully low standards 😉

  2. That's a great feeling. I love it when we are able to meet with missionaries who are like that. Most are all-around great though.

    Also, you made me think: "Choice" used in that context is almost 100% LDS-only lingo these days, isn't it?

    At least, the only other time I recall seeing it is on certain meat products, combined with "USDA" 🙂

  3. I love having the missionaries over, it really is a blessing. They are so sweet and are working so hard and you can really feel their sincerity when they are speaking.

  4. Elder Vaughn was in our ward when he first came out–a great missionary. We need more like him.

  5. I am uncomfortable with the missionaries. I get depressed as I do not feel up to helping them. Then I feel bad because they remind me of my kids on missions and I hope people helped them.

  6. I also met a man like that, a beautiful man inside and out doing a great job for God. But now I have a problem.. I think I'm falling for him and also I'm like 10 years older than him. (he is 20)

    Is that okay? I'm not an Mormon yet, but I feel it's the right way to go.

    Can you please help me figure this out? I don't wanna cause any problems. /C

  7. Smells like trouble – I'd cool off and recognize that the romantic interest is not one to pursue or nourish. Missionaries are there only for a short while and are to strictly avoid any kind of romantic relationships with people in their mission. Lots of women fall for these clean-shaven, sometimes good-looking, usually very nice and considerate young men, but it's really healthiest to think of them as really off limits. Sometimes they do find someone and will come back after their missions and pick up a relationship and occasionally marriage results, but I'd also say the age difference is likely to be a barrier also and would poses some very high risks for a successful long-term relationship. I suggest just doing your best to drop the romantic aspirations. Just my opinion, of course.

  8. Thank you for your answer. Sometimes you need another person to tell you just to face reality.
    I had the same feeling about it all, just to drop it.

    But what happens if I tell him I have feelings for him? Would that ruin the job he was sent to do? If he had the same feelings would he tell me that, or just avoid me?
    If I feel I really have to tell him should I wait until he's finished with his mission?

    You may just think this is stupid questions but I would like to know what I'm getting myself into. I usually don't fall for a guy I known for just a month. /C

  9. well, this is quite ironic, but I live in alaska and I think I know elder vaughn. By what I can see from this blog, he's doing an awesome job, and he's also a great friend.

  10. well, this is quite ironic, but I live in alaska and I think I know elder vaughn. By what I can see from this blog, he's doing an awesome job, and he's also a great friend.

  11. You are not attracted to the Missionary in a romantic sense – you are attracted to the wonderful spirit he brings – the Spirit of the Lord. Do not feel silly as, being a single woman myself, I enjoy the company of these nice young men also as they are a breath of fresh air in society. However, you must remember that you know nothing about this man outside his testimony of the Gospel and you more than likely have nothing in common due to the age difference….when he goes home, he will probabaly start university whilst living at home with his parents…..I assume you are past this phase of your life.

    He has one chance to serve his mission dutifully and nothing should detract him from this wonderful experience.

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