Watch Out for Your Local Missionaries

I’d like to encourage members to take extra steps to help out and watch over their local missionaries. I’m concerned that some don’t always get the attention they might need. Are they eating well, with a good mix of fresh fruits and vegetables? A lot of young people aren’t careful about their diet, so bring over something healthy for them. Check up on their health – sometimes they may need to see a doctor without realizing it. Sometimes they may need member support in making sure they get medical attention when they need it.

Here’s one practical suggestion to enhance their diet: if your local missionaries don’t have a blender, get an inexpensive one for them ($9 to $12 can get a suitable blender), and show them how to make their own smoothies from frozen and fresh fruit and milk or ice cream. For example, equal parts of frozen strawberries and drained canned peaches with a little banana, milk, and a touch of ice cream blends up into a delicious and relatively healthy smoothie. Can also work well without dairy products. Plenty of room for creativity.

Also make sure they have antibacterial soap and other hand disinfectants. So many colds and illnesses can be prevented by just making sure that hands are clean and disinfected before eating, and by avoiding contact of fingers with eyes, nose, and mouth. Simple tips, but they make a big difference.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

3 thoughts on “Watch Out for Your Local Missionaries

  1. Jeff, this is a wonderful topic. It’s empowering and allows us to do for our missionaries in a tangible way.

    Thanks for sharing these good ideas.

  2. It’s also good to occasionally ask Elders if they have adequate supplies of things like dental floss, first aid materials, etc. Help them out if they don’t. Money is tight for most missionaries.

  3. If you live in a cold climate check to see if they have proper gloves and hat etc.

    Also check on their emotional health. Ask how their families are. Love them as if they are your own sons and daughters.

    Thank them for their service.

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