Nyob Zoo! Greetings from the Fox Cities Hmong Branch in Appleton, Wisconsin

I was invited to drop by a party for the Fox Cities Hmong Branch yesterday, where my family and I attended Church for a couple years in the past. I send you greetings from the Branch and from the two new missionaries I met, Elder Graham of Pleasant Grove, Utah (on the left below), also known as “Tub Txib Kuab Ci,” and Elder Boam from Hyrum, Utah (on the right), also known as “Tub Txib Muaj Hmoos.” They are wearing some traditional Hmong attire – not what they normally wear.

The whole Branch wishes you a merry Christmas and greets you with “Nyob Zoo!” or “hello” in Hmong (pronounced something like nyaw zhoong, where “zh” is like the French “j”, and “nyaw” is pronounced with a higher pitch than “zhoong”).

The photo below shows the three-girl group “Nkauj Hmoob” which did a Hmong-style dance during the talent show portion of the party. The last photo shows a game being played, something like “duck, duck, goose.”


Author: Jeff Lindsay

3 thoughts on “Nyob Zoo! Greetings from the Fox Cities Hmong Branch in Appleton, Wisconsin

  1. I find the Hmong absolutely fascinating; have you read the book “The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down,” by Anne Fadiman–its one of my favorite books.

  2. hi! i just saw a photo of my sister us who danced at the church before. it the photo of the six girls wearing hmong clothes. lol. it's been a pretty long time since i came to the appleton church. i hope everything is still going well over there

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