The Hill Cumorah Pageant: Not Too Early to Make Your Summer Vacation Plans Now


I just ran into this photo I took in 2007 from our visit to the Hill Cumorah Pageant in New York. This is some of the cast, mingling with the audience before the show begins at night. Reminded me that many of you might want to start planning your summer vacation include the pageant. It’s a stirring, dramatic production that you’ll enjoy, whether you care about the limited geographical model of the Book of Mormon or not (and the ensuing questions about the location of the real Hill Cumorah where a massive army sought an advantage and where Moroni hid everything except the gold plates with the Book of Mormon record).

(Something I tried with Animoto at Walter Reade’s suggestion tonight at our Ward Christmas Party, based on several photos I took at the 2007 Pageant.)

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Author: Jeff Lindsay

6 thoughts on “The Hill Cumorah Pageant: Not Too Early to Make Your Summer Vacation Plans Now

  1. I’d never really thought about how Moroni would have had quite a lot of time to pick up all those perfectly good swords… 🙂 Now where did they get placed?

  2. Thanks, Kaydee. I’m embarrassed to say because they are far from the high-end cameras I lust after. I have two inexpensive Olympus 4-megapixel cameras, a C-725 with 10X optical zoom and an even older C-4000 camera with just 3X optical zoom but better responsiveness in low light. Not very expensive, but I’m happy with the Olympus optics. I still often tweak the results a bit with Serif PhotoPlus 10 (which I prefer over version 11).

    I did try a Canon Digital Rebel 8MP DSLR camera for a couple of weeks but didn’t like the results – the standard optics didn’t capture things as well as the Olympus optics. Fast and versatile, but the results were slightly disappointing.

    I’d like to get an Olympus digital SLR camera (E-3 or E-30) when I have money to burn someday (with hyperinflation inevitably coming down the road, it could be sooner than we think – though burning is all it will be good for then). Can’t justify it yet.

  3. Remember to budget enough money to ip your waiter or waitress when you dine. Too many times the Mormon family of 8 takes a significant amount of the server’s time and then leaves no tip at all. We need a better reputation int he cities around the Mormon historical sites.

  4. I just do not understand the obsession some have with going to see a “pageant”. It’s not something that appeals to me in the slightest. Additionally, it mimics pagan religions’ need for a “pilgrimage” of sorts.

    I grew up in the church and I just do not understand why someone would feel compelled to travel thousands (or even hundreds) of miles to go through what sounds like absolute torture!

    If we really want to have plays based on the scriptures then let’s revive the old “road shows” and encourage our youth to act out the more action-packed parts of the scriptures. 😉

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