The Scattering of the Gentiles: The Book of Mormon as a Prophetic Guide

The Book of Mormon prophesies that in the last days, the Gentiles in the New World would become a wicked nation, full of corruption and pride, lifted up above all the nations of the world. And if they reject the restored Gospel that will be in their midst, then the native remnants of the House of Israel, remnants that had once been scattered and abused by the Gentiles, would rise up and tread upon the Gentiles, even trashing some of their cities, prior to the return of the Lord. This all must have seemed crazy in Joseph Smith’s day, when America was a fledgling country with an uncertain future, far from being lifted up in pride above the lofty nations of Europe, and not at any obvious risk from being overwhelmed by the native inhabitants of the land. But look at what is brewing in the Americas now, with rabid anti-American dictators in nations like Venezuela, and strong anti-American elements in most of the nations to our south. Meanwhile, we are working hard to make it easy for increasing numbers of people to flood across our borders. Some share our values and wish to become loyal citizens of the United States, or at least welcomed guests sharing in the American dream, but if angry militants or well-armed gangs want to come here, there is little to stop them. It is easy to envision scenarios of future rioting or other actions that could fulfill what has been written in prophecy. I say this not to stir concern about illegal immigration, but to point to an interesting aspect of the Book of Mormon. Its prophecies of the future corruption and global pride of this nation and the “scattering of the Gentiles” by the descendants of those originally on the land have become increasingly plausible with the passage of time. Something to think about.

Here are two relevant passages:

Third Nephi 16:

[7] Behold, because of their belief in me, saith the Father, and because of the unbelief of you, O house of Israel, in the latter day shall the truth come unto the Gentiles, that the fulness of these things shall be made known unto them.

[8] But wo, saith the Father, unto the unbelieving of the Gentiles — for notwithstanding they have come forth upon the face of this land, and have scattered my people who are of the house of Israel; and my people who are of the house of Israel have been cast out from among them, and have been trodden under feet by them;

[9] And because of the mercies of the Father unto the Gentiles, and also the judgments of the Father upon my people who are of the house of Israel, verily, verily, I say unto you, that after all this, and I have caused my people who are of the house of Israel to be smitten, and to be afflicted, and to be slain, and to be cast out from among them, and to become hated by them, and to become a hiss and a byword among them —

[10] And thus commandeth the Father that I should say unto you: At that day when the Gentiles shall sin against my gospel, and shall reject the fulness of my gospel, and shall be lifted up in the pride of their hearts above all nations, and above all the people of the whole earth, and shall be filled with all manner of lyings, and of deceits, and of mischiefs, and all manner of hypocrisy, and murders, and priestcrafts, and whoredoms, and of secret abominations; and if they shall do all those things, and shall reject the fulness of my gospel, behold, saith the Father, I will bring the fulness of my gospel from among them.

[11] And then will I remember my covenant which I have made unto my people, O house of Israel, and I will bring my gospel unto them.

[12] And I will show unto thee, O house of Israel, that the Gentiles shall not have power over you; but I will remember my covenant unto you, O house of Israel, and ye shall come unto the knowledge of the fulness of my gospel.

[13] But if the Gentiles will repent and return unto me, saith the Father, behold they shall be numbered among my people, O house of Israel.

[14] And I will not suffer my people, who are of the house of Israel, to go through among them, and tread them down, saith the Father.

[15] But if they will not turn unto me, and hearken unto my voice, I will suffer them, yea, I will suffer my people, O house of Israel, that they shall go through among them, and shall tread them down, and they shall be as salt that hath lost its savor, which is thenceforth good for nothing but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of my people, O house of Israel.

And Third Nephi 21:

[11] Therefore it shall come to pass that whosoever will not believe in my words, who am Jesus Christ, which the Father shall cause him to bring forth unto the Gentiles, and shall give unto him power that he shall bring them forth unto the Gentiles, (it shall be done even as Moses said) they shall be cut off from among my people who are of the covenant.

[12] And my people who are a remnant of Jacob shall be among the Gentiles, yea, in the midst of them as a lion among the beasts of the forest, as a young lion among the flocks of sheep, who, if he go through both treadeth down and teareth in pieces, and none can deliver.

[13] Their hand shall be lifted up upon their adversaries, and all their enemies shall be cut off.

[14] Yea, wo be unto the Gentiles except they repent; for it shall come to pass in that day, saith the Father, that I will cut off thy horses out of the midst of thee, and I will destroy thy chariots;

[15] And I will cut off the cities of thy land, and throw down all thy strongholds;

[16] And I will cut off witchcrafts out of thy land, and thou shalt have no more soothsayers;

[17] Thy graven images I will also cut off, and thy standing images out of the midst of thee, and thou shalt no more worship the works of thy hands;

[18] And I will pluck up thy groves out of the midst of thee; so will I destroy thy cities.

[19] And it shall come to pass that all lyings, and deceivings, and envyings, and strifes, and priestcrafts, and whoredoms, shall be done away.

[20] For it shall come to pass, saith the Father, that at that day whosoever will not repent and come unto my Beloved Son, them will I cut off from among my people, O house of Israel;

[21] And I will execute vengeance and fury upon them, even as upon the heathen, such as they have not heard.

[22] But if they will repent and hearken unto my words, and harden not their hearts, I will establish my church among them, and they shall come in unto the covenant and be numbered among this the remnant of Jacob, unto whom I have given this land for their inheritance;

[23] And they shall assist my people, the remnant of Jacob, and also as many of the house of Israel as shall come, that they may build a city, which shall be called the New Jerusalem.

[24] And then shall they assist my people that they may be gathered in, who are scattered upon all the face of the land, in unto the New Jerusalem.

These are amazing days, days that ancient prophets on this law saw in vision. There is no security in wealth and possessions and pleasure, only in living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The remnants of the House of Israel will play a key role in building the New Jerusalem and preparing for the return of the Savior, but before then, some of them may well prove to be tools of the Lord in bringing vengeance to a wicked and corrupt nation. And it’s not hard to see how Book of Mormon prophecy on this matter could be fulfilled. Food for thought. Speaking of which, how’s your food storage doing? Got food?


Author: Jeff Lindsay

10 thoughts on “The Scattering of the Gentiles: The Book of Mormon as a Prophetic Guide

  1. I’m sorry. But I have to say your post is exceedingly ethoncentric. And let me remind you countries such as France, Germany and Denmark have equally bad, if not worse immigration problems. You would hardly call that a gathering of gentiles. No more than I would call the gathering of latin americans a gathering of the gentiles. Further let’s not forget the immigration problem was actually worse during the 50s.

    Perhaps I’m being overly critical. But really look at it from a non-american point of view. I don’t know. It all just seems like hopeful and ethnocentric conjecture.

  2. That’s just the start. See D&C 87: 5-6.

    5 And it shall come to pass also that the remnants who are left of the land will marshal themselves, and shall become exceedingly angry, and shall vex the Gentiles with a sore vexation.
    6 And thus, with the sword and by bloodshed the inhabitants of the earth shall mourn; and with famine, and plague, and earthquake, and the thunder of heaven, and the fierce and vivid lightning also, shall the inhabitants of the earth be made to feel the wrath, and indignation, and chastening hand of an Almighty God, until the consumption decreed hath made a full end of all nations;

  3. “And shall be filled with all manner of lyings, and of deceits, and of mischiefs, and all manner of hypocrisy, and murders, and priestcrafts, and whoredoms, and of secret abominations;” — Mafia and Politicians, it’s hard to tell the difference now.

  4. We don’t have to worry about any of this since none of the remnant of the house of Israel are left.

    Nothing but Chinese, Spanish and African remnants are left.

  5. Does this post reflect a Hemispheric Model for the Book of Mormon? Isn’t it only talking about Gentiles in Mexico and Guatemala?

  6. Ujlapana,

    It doesn’t matter whether it is hemespheric or not. The fact remains that there is no remnant of the house of israel in south america.

    So we have nothing to fear. This prophecy can’t be fulfilled.

  7. Allow me to interject a few facts into this discussion. According to the CIA World Factbook, average, weighted fertility in Latin America is about 2.3 children per woman compared to about 2.1 for the USA. Completed fertility for Hispanic women aged 40-45 in the US us also 2.3. (source=Fertitlity of American Women, June 2004 – P20-555 – US Census Bureau – ). Both of
    these sources are probably a bit behind the times. Latin American fertility is probably lower today. One Mexican study projects the Mexican fertility will drop to West European levels in 23 years; ie, by 2030, it will be 1.68 children per woman. (source=FERTILITY IN MEXICO: TRENDS AND FORECAST – Rodolfo Tuiran, Virgilio Partida, Octavio Mojarro, Elena Zúñiga –

  8. Brilliant scholarship, ruadamu2. I love how you have demonstrated your nuanced understanding of the problems behind genetic research and the supposed DNA “smoking gun.” Also re: what the BOM actually says about itself (note the tongue planted firmly in cheek).

    But alas, this post is about far more immediate and pressing issues than old chromosones, so I digress…

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