A Positive Side of a New Trend in Video Games

I’ve offended many sensitive souls in the past, and challenged many weak testimonies, by occasionally slamming video games. But my hardened heart softened a bit when I read of a Mayo Clinic studying that shows adding activity to video games fights obesity. Well, I love innovation – especially disruptive innovation. And the new Wii trend of adding physical activity to video games could result in new levels of health to video game addicts – as long as you don’t smash your fingers, break your arm, or shatter your TV screen in the process. Getting a physical workout while you play, well, it’s a step in the right direction. And isn’t physical activity implicitly a part of the Word of Wisdom, which says that the obedient will walk and not be weary, and will game and not faint? Or words to that effect.

Game on! (But stick with clean, non-grotesque games, not the loser games that . . . oh no, there I go again.)


Author: Jeff Lindsay

3 thoughts on “A Positive Side of a New Trend in Video Games

  1. Ah, but it’s not just the physical activity that is good about video games. There is much, much more. A great book about this is called “Everything Bad is Good for You”.

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