Praise for the Christian Faith of the Amish Community

Many people and corporations are making contributions to charities to help the Amish community in Pennsylvania, still reeling from the senseless slaughter of several children by a child molester. The proud and independent Amish are not used to receiving charity and probably don’t need it now, but the spokesman from the Mennonite Disaster Service said in a televised statement that the leaders decided that to refuse all the assistance “would not be Christlike. Why should we stop others from receiving the blessings of service?” (My recollection of the NBC TV broadcast tonight.)

There’s a great lesson there. Sometimes we need to graciously accept service from others when we may feel we don’t need or deserve it. Sometimes being Christlike means allowing others to serve us and being grateful.

There is no shortage of Christlike goodness among the Amish. My heart is pained for the tragedy they face and for the incredible grief and loss that has swept over them.

Wisconsin has a lot of Amish people as well, and we’re a better state for it. I salute their faith and their courage in living their ways. May the Lord bless and strengthen them in this hour of pain, and may we all work to make our communities safer places for children and all of us.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

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