The Parable of the Doberman and the Guinea Pig

My sister and her family in Naperville, Illinois have a sweet little guinea pig named Spike. When he’s happy, he make cute squeaking sounds, a little like a cat purring. They recently added a new pet to their household, a large female Doberman. With the friendly but voracious dog safely in its cage, the family introduced Spike to the Doberman. It was love at first sight for both! Perhaps Spike thought the dog was its mother, but it clearly loved its fellow mammal and tried to wiggle its way into the cage (the family held it back, naturally). Spike made its happy squeaking sounds near the dog, anxious to be near its true love. The Doberman also appeared to be strongly attracted — in much the way it is attracted to a juicy steak. It salivates and gets that hungry look in its eyes when sweet Spike is near. Yes, come closer, please, closer. . . . The attraction is mutual, but quite different in nature and quite dangerous for the weaker party. If the kids aren’t careful, one day Spike may find out just how much love can hurt.

It’s much like many human relationships I’ve seen. “But Mom, he’s not that bad, really, and he loves me. We’ll be happy together, I know it!”

How grateful parents are when their children choose a mate wisely, and how painful it must be when they don’t. The Lord’s feelings on this matter must be greatly amplified, for his concern and love is far greater and more perfect than ours.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

1 thought on “The Parable of the Doberman and the Guinea Pig

  1. This is a great illustration to explain why I am content in having only boys. Its not that I wouldn’t love having a little girl (and I’m sure my perspective would change if I actually did), but I fear much more for them. I’m not sure I am ready to handle that fear for one of my own.

    Sidenote: my sister (and family) must be in the same Stake as your sister, if not the same ward.

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