Please, No Camels

In this joyous holiday season, some units might be tempted to go the extra mile in crafting Christmas programs and activities. As a friendly reminder, please remember that Church policy discourages the use of live camels in LDS buildings, especially in the chapel. Having stain-resistant carpet in your chapel does not constitute authorization for an exception to this policy.

Based on certain problems in the past, a variety of other large mammals, small mammals, reptiles and birds may be on the list of suspect species for performances and displays in Church buildings. I’m pretty sure that donkeys and goats are out, and pythons. Probably chickens, too. This may lessen the appeal of local pageants, missionary events, displays, and booths, of course, but there are reasons. Check with your Church leaders first.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

4 thoughts on “Please, No Camels

  1. I kid you not, last year our ward put on a live nativity and we had real live sheep, three I think, and a couple of real live donkeys. It was in the parking lot out back behind the chapel. It was cold, a lot of work, and the live animals were not exactly cooperative, as one might imagine. I am really glad we didnt do it again this year. This year we had a ward brunch on a Saturday. No live animals. Much better. Easier cleanup too.

  2. Now that was absolutely funny! I’m sure it has happened more than once, but having it put into words was worth the belly laugh. My wife wanted to know what was so funny because I seldom laugh with so many of these blogs. Kudos to you. It can apply to any church, about any where. Thanks for the laugh. Lloyd

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