New FARMS Review Available Online

A new volume of one of my favorite publications, the FARMS Review from the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies. You need to be a subscriber to gain full access right now, but this volume alone may be well worth the low cost of a subscription. One article that I found especially interesting deals with some of the inaccuracies in recent publications criticizing the Book of Abraham. It’s “The Book of Abraham: Ask the Right Questions and Keep On Looking” by Larry Morris, who refutes some popular criticisms and raises a few questions for the critics involving impressive parallels between the Book of Abraham and other ancient texts.

Another valuable contribtion comes from John Clark in “Searching for Book of Mormon Lands in Middle America,” which evaluates a couple of recently published works offering new proposals for Book of Mormon geography – proposals that fall short of the model that relates the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in southern Mexico with the neck of land.

There are 20 entries to read. Enjoy!


Author: Jeff Lindsay

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