“I’ll Wait”: Composed and Performed by Blythe Bailey

One of Shanghai’s finest LDS young single adults composed and performed this song, “I’ll Wait” by Blythe Bailey. I think some of you might like it as much as we did. We first heard this song in Nanjing at a talent show, and then again this morning on iTunes (happy to have paid 99 cents for this!). We’re so glad we got to know Blythe here in China. The calling my wife and I have as District Co-Chairs for the Young Single Adults Committee (Shanghai International District, with branches in Nanjing, Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou) is the best calling ever. We get to meet, learn from, and sometimes even feed or otherwise help some of the most interesting and inspiring people in the Church.

We also heard her sing something else last night with one of the choirs at our hugely successful Christmas Open House in Shanghai, where about 500 people came, with perhaps roughly 200 being non-LDS visitors. It will be even bigger next year, but Blythe, unfortunately for us, is heading back to the U.S soon. We’ll miss her!

You can listen to it on YouTube but the recording on iTunes is better–and worth it!

Gift suggestion: If you know anybody waiting for a missionary, or about to wait, this could be especially meaningful. Or someone waiting for their overseas soldier to return.

On iTunes, just search for Blythe Bailey. Oh, and there’s also her song, “What If?” Yeah, I bought that one, too. Nice!

Author: Jeff Lindsay

2 thoughts on ““I’ll Wait”: Composed and Performed by Blythe Bailey

  1. Thanks for alerting us of talent. I don't know if it is just me, but in my opinion the majority of people in the entertainment industry have no talent (acting, music, etc.)

    It seems like the ones with real talent don't make it in the industry and those who don't have talent do make it. There are no standards, society accepts mediocrity and immorality with gusto.

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