Have We Infiltrated United Airlines?

While flying United Airlines to Salt Lake City recently, I noticed that two adjacent gates both displayed Mormon-related images on the monitors at the counters. The monitor for a flight to Salt Lake naturally showed an image of the Salt Lake Temple. But I was surprised to see that the adjacent monitor for a Kansas City flight showed an image of the Temple of the Community of Christ (formerly Reorganized Latter-day Saints) in Independence, Missouri – near but not in Kansas City. Does United show other Mormon-related attractions for other cities? Maybe those “Godmakers” folks aren’t so paranoid after all. We may not be able to take over the world, but perhaps we’ve got our tentacles in United Airlines – the only true way to fly.

(The image above is a composite of two photographs at adjacent counters taken as I was boarding my flight. I took the photos very quickly and put my camera away before anybody got too spooked about me being some kind of terrorist – some people get very jittery about anyone taking photos at airports, though there are lots of interesting scenes to capture. That’s why one image came out blurred. As usual, click to enlarge.)


Author: Jeff Lindsay

3 thoughts on “Have We Infiltrated United Airlines?

  1. See, flying United was your first mistake, as Delta is quite obviously the only true and living airline.

  2. Southwest Airlines was started by Mormons, so it is clearly superior to Delta or United.
    I have proof: Southwest is trading at $14.12
    United at $1.42
    and Delta at $2.90

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