A Fruity, Happy Valentine’s Day to You – With a Strawberry Suggestion for Men

My wife wasn’t feeling well this morning and just said she wanted fruit for breakfast. As I was cutting some strawberries I had bought yesterday, I noticed – you probably all noticed this years ago – what nice hearts they make when notched at the top and trimmed a bit on the sides. So here’s my little fruit plate I made – come on, let’s hear a big “Awwww” – with the help of some blueberries, tangerines (tangelos, I think), and a banana. Just a little tip for you guys – not that I was trying to score any points, or anything. You completely misunderstand us guys if that’s what you’re thinking. Yep.

I know, I know – how silly, how nerdy, how bizarre, that someone takes pictures of the lame little food arrangements they make. But I only share this to help out my fellow men. We need all the points we can score!


Author: Jeff Lindsay

10 thoughts on “A Fruity, Happy Valentine’s Day to You – With a Strawberry Suggestion for Men

  1. Very clever and sweet of you. It’s a very pretty arrangement.

    Yes, I noticed that years ago and used them to decorate a heart-shaped birthday cake for my daughter.

  2. Jeff, that was a sweet thing to do. Oh, and anyone who knows YOU would think that you were also feeling sick if you didn’t take at least 14 pictures of the beautiful platter. 😉

    (that last comment had spelling errors in it that would embarrass me) 😛

  3. You are a sweetheart, but I already knew that. Cutting the strawberries into hearts! All you men out there, this is the way to a woman’s heart. Esp, as in this case, inspired only by kindness.

  4. Awwwww!

    We guys always seem to underestimate the importance of presentation. It so matters, though, and you get extra credit if *she* takes the pictures of the dish.

    BTW, if you want to one-up it for next year just add a fondue pot full of molten chocolate (add milk to thin it down a bit). You wouldn’t believe how good a mood my girls were in after dipping through 400 grams last night!

    … some day Valentines will be just the two of us again, but meanwhile the daughters enjoy getting spoiled at least as much as the wife.

  5. Awwww…that was so nice!! So very thoughtful. I know adding chocolate would make me even happier. I LOVE CHOCOLATE!! Not so sure about oranges with chocolate though…: |

  6. Oranges with chocolate are wonderful! Naval orange sections are among my favorite fondue dippers. But in a serious vein, the key to your wife’s heart was your cleverness and thoughtfulness turned in her direction… no woman can resist such tokens of true affection.

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