One of the Best Sundays Ever

Yesterday we had one of the best sacrament meeting services ever. Each speaker was uplifting, some very inspiring, and a great spirit was present. It all began with some inspiring and touching comments from a beloved non-LDS friend who was recognized by the bishop for his long service to our scouts, and, since he is moving to another city, was given a few moments to speak after being thanked at the pulpit. Great moment!

One of the best Sunday services ever. It’s great to leave a meeting being somewhat elated — I don’t elate easily.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

7 thoughts on “One of the Best Sundays Ever

  1. Our concluding speaker yesterday was a High Councilor who spoke about eternal marriage. He spoke openly about his own marriage, his mistakes before he and his wife joined the Church and the first years of their membership, and his need to change and become the type of person his wife would want to marry for eternity – since they aren’t married eternally yet. It was poignant and raw and incredibly beautiful.

  2. Thanks for that, Jeff. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a non-member speak during Sacrament meeting before — that must have been interesting.

  3. I love those kind of meetings. Especially on Sundays where we make every excuse not to attend church because we couldn’t get in gear on a Sunday morning and only did so just to appease the rest of the family, or fulfill our ho-hum calling. Those are the meetings that make you supremely thankful that you attend church. I’ve sat through my share of boring sacraments, but not once have I ever regretted attending.

  4. Hey Jeff, how did you get the “Also follow this blog on Facebook” link on the right side? I looked around on Facebook and I can’t see how to do it. Thanks!

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