Welcome, Things of My Soul and Clean Cut

I just added the notable LDS blog, Things of My Soul, to my blog roll. This blog has many positive factors that encouraged me to add it: It has interesting posts written that encourage faith in Christ and offer helpful insights to readers, it has been around for a while with a track record of consistent activity, and it has the good sense to include Mormanity in its blog roll and even make reference to some specific posts here. What more could I want? Plus I got this wad of cash in the mailbox this morning . . . just kidding! Thanks, Papa D, for pointing out the opportunity.

For similar reasons, I’ve also added Clean Cut (a.k.a. Latter-day Spence). Nice work!


Author: Jeff Lindsay

5 thoughts on “Welcome, Things of My Soul and Clean Cut

  1. It’s fun to see blogs recognized that I read often. Sometimes it feels like a little neighborhood, which I recognize and enjoy, even though we’re spread out across many states. You’ve added a great blog to your blogroll.

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