FARMS Review of Blood of the Prophets

In recent months, critics of the Church have worked hard to stir up negative emotions regarding the Mountain Meadow Massacre. It was a terrible moment in history, but the attempts to blame Brigham Young for the crime are utterly unjustified. One much-publicized work on the topic is Will Bagley’s book, Blood of the Prophets. To understand some of the major errors in this work, I recommend Robert D. Crockett’s article on the FARMS site, “A Trial Lawyer Reviews Will Bagley’s Blood of the Prophets.”


Author: Jeff Lindsay

1 thought on “FARMS Review of Blood of the Prophets

  1. Using a trial lawyer to substantiate any claim is ludicrous. It is common practice for ANY lawyer to ignore any pointm negative to his position and introduce any half-truth or illegitimate “truth” to support his position, no matter how counter it is to the real truth.

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