Neal Maxwell Passes Away: A Marvelous Disciple and Thinker

The newsroom for July 22 has the passing away of Elder Neal A. Maxwell as its top story. Such an inspiring man and Apostle! I always perked up when he spoke at General Conference, anxious to hear to enjoy his rich use of the English language and his insights into the Gospel. He seemed to exude a deep and intelligent enthusiasm for God and the Gospel. I always felt that he spoke as one who really knew and understood.

His fondness of C.S. Lewis sparked my own interest in Lewis’ marvelous writings. (Lewis has much to offer for Latter-day Saints and Christians of all denominations, and has some perspectives so close to LDS viewpoints that its easy to think of him as “nearly Mormon” – a label that I’m sure would have shocked him while he was in mortality.)

Elder Maxwell’s personal example in dealing with suffering also inspires me. His loyalty to God and the Gospel was not based on convenience. The strait and narrow path provided some exceptionally straitening moments for him, but he endured to the end, firm in his testimony of Christ. He will be missed.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

4 thoughts on “Neal Maxwell Passes Away: A Marvelous Disciple and Thinker

  1. I too will deeply miss Elder Maxwell; we trust he is safe in the bosom of the Lord. Brother Higgins (NY, NY)

  2. Outside of The Chronicles of Narnia (I still love that “funny underwear” comment in book 5 ^_^), the only other book I have read by Lewis was The Screwtape Letters, a very interesting book.
    God be with you, Elder Maxwell, ’til we meet again.

  3. Re Elder Maxwell and CS Lewis:

    I have a friend who’s fond of saying, “Comparing CS Lewis and Mormonism is like comparing apples and slightly different apples.”

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