The Church Music Website: Learn to Sing Parts

The Church Music Site has some amazing resources. I am especially glad to see that it can help you learn any of the four parts for any hymn by playing just the parts you select, or the whole song, or by changing the relative intensity of any of the parts (e.g., make the bass line twice as loud as the rest). And you can transpose the key up or down, and change the tempo. (For people in some wards – not mine! – you now no longer need to actually go to Church to hear your favorite hymns played at laboriously slow or ridiculously fast tempos, but I think you should still go.)

A hat tip to Dale Jepson.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

1 thought on “The Church Music Website: Learn to Sing Parts

  1. This is nice to know Jeff. Just prior to moving from Maine a couple months ago, I talked to our ward chorister & asked her how I could improve my singing. (I've always joked that I can carry a tune…but not very far!) She told me about this resource, so I'm going to give it a try.

    Shine On Jeff!!

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