Boise State!

As a former resident of Boise, congrats to all you Boise State fans for the victory tonight. What courage that team showed. Most exciting game I’ve seen in a long time – not that I’ve seen many in recent years, but tonight was just amazing.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

4 thoughts on “Boise State!

  1. I live in the Eastern time Zone, and watched the game. That is up until OU intercepted the pass and returned it for a touchdown putting them ahead. It was about midnight and I turned the TV off in disgust. Imagine my surprise this morning!

    As a native from Idaho, I am inclined to think that this may be the biggest moment in Idaho sports history. Does anything compare?

  2. I’m a Sooner. I was completely disgusted with OU’s playing last night. (Two touchdowns in less than two minutes? Come on !) But I have to give it to Boise State. They played a great game. The results show they wanted the win more than OU.

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