Can’t Wait for Conference? LDS Radio Has Conference Gems Right Now

Have you realized what a tremendous website the Church has at Among the many outstanding services is LDS Radio ( where you can listen to great programming on the Mormon Channel. One of the many features of their programming is Stories from General Conference, a great collection of excerpts of beautiful stories told by leaders in past General Conference sessions. For example, here is an MP3 link with some stories illustrating the principle of kindness. Well worth listening to. I also was inspired by the stories on forgiveness, including a powerful reminder from the Amish community.

As I write, the Mormon Channel is playing a talk from Sister Vicki F. Matsumori from a 2008 BYU Women’s Conference as she discusses a group of young women working together to deal with the issue of modesty in an increasingly immodest world. They came to realize that if they dressed in a way that elicited comments about how “hot” they were, that this this would actually be degrading. So instead of being “hot,” they would prefer to look “adorable” instead. The word “adorable” became somewhat of a code word for them. When one of their group was nicely and modestly dressed, they’d say, “My, you look so adorable today.” Well, I thought that was cute. Even adorable.

Here’s a Youtube video being featured right now on the Mormon Channel. It’s “The Missing Piece,” telling the story of an athlete facing adversity who found strength and hope through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.(Also available in Spanish.)

See? You don’t have to wait until General Conference starts today to find spiritually uplifting media. Enjoy!


Author: Jeff Lindsay

1 thought on “Can’t Wait for Conference? LDS Radio Has Conference Gems Right Now

  1. Really nice, Jeff. I guess I should be saying that to the guys on the video but I guess you'll have to shoulder this feedback.

    Hey Jeff, I usually don't give feedback unless there's something contrary in it. Oh well! I just thought I ought to say something even though it's only positive. After all, you deserve a lot more thanks and other positives from me than you've gotten and probably a lot more than you're going to get.

    Just remember that for every good remark from a reader (at least from this one) you're due at least 20 more (maybe a hundred).


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