Meat Before Milk? Dealing with the Divine Potential of Human Beings

I received e-mail from a person who felt that my introduction to the Church was deceptive because I refer to returning to the presence of our Heavenly Father without explicitly stating that we think we will become “gods.” Some of you may get similar questions when you are teaching the Gospel to others. While I do refer to the divine potential of human beings on that page and give a link to my Mormon Answers page on theosis (the ancient Christian concept of humans potentially becoming “gods”), I personally feel that the whole of issue of “gods” is an advanced topic that we don’t know a lot about, so I consider it as meat (actually, dessert) that doesn’t need to be served as the first course.

I asked my critic how he taught the Bible to potential believers. I asked if he started off by teaching them advanced scriptures like Psalm 82:6 or John 10:33-36? Both of these scriptures, by the way, refer to humans becoming “gods.” (See also Rev. 3:21, 1 John 3:2, Matt. 5:48, 2 Peter 1:3-4, etc.) If he’s not comfortable throwing such concepts out on day one, then I hope he’ll understand why I prefer to start with faith in Christ and the basics rather than jump into the mysteries of God’s wondrous gifts.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

1 thought on “Meat Before Milk? Dealing with the Divine Potential of Human Beings

  1. milk before meat is okay if your truth can take meaty discussions regarding your church’s history. You need to get your prophets to clear some of that up. You have your own prophets, yet are still so confused about some things. I hear different explanations from good Mormons apologists on the same topic. Confusion when you have your own prophets makes no sense at all.

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