Alex Boye and the Power of Music

Abandoned by his mother and left to fend for himself in London, Alex Boye was driven to sing and became a musician, but something was missing. I love the story of this man who knows the power that music has to bless others. One of his songs even helped a suicidal person decide to keep living. Wonderful!

Author: Jeff Lindsay

8 thoughts on “Alex Boye and the Power of Music

  1. He was working in a McDonalds in London when an LDS colleague introduced him to the Church, and referred him to the missionaries, IIRC.

  2. Recognize his name, but don't know any of his music. Perhaps it would be good to get some, listen to it.

  3. Love Alex Boye! We play his CDs quite a bit in our car. For Anon at 10:30 PM; I'd definitely start with his CD titled 'Spirit' or look up his performance of 'I want Jesus to Walk with Me' with the tab choir on Youtube. He has a great voice and an even better testimony!

  4. I saw this video last week. Alex is truly an inspiration. He sang at my cousin's mission farewell and he sounds way better in person than he does on recording.

  5. It was great for me to see this video. How wonderful that the person decided not to commit suicide. My family used to be in the same ward as Alex and his wife; they are very nice people.

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