1776 and the Hand of the Lord

One of the best talks I’ve heard on the topic of liberty and freedom was delivered last Sunday in the Placentia 2nd Ward of the Placentia Stake near Los Angeles. While there as a guest of some relatives in Brea, I was delighted to hear the comments of Brother Mansur on the inspiring leadership and goodness of George Washington. This talk came just as my family finished the book 1776 by David McCullough, a masterful account of the history of George Washington’s efforts to lead the nation to freedom in the fateful year of 1776. Surely the hand of the Lord was powerfully manifest in the events that led to the establishment of the free republic of the United States in an impossible war against the greatest empire on earth.

How the people of this nation need to remember the captivity of their fathers, a theme repeated several times in the Book of Mormon, that we might recognize the great things the Lord has done for us in giving us freedom and the blessings of religious liberty.

How grateful we should be for the dazzling integrity and selfless leadership of President George Washington, one of the greatest men this world has known, in my opinion. He was a man who, like many prophets of the past, was raised up and moved by the Lord to achieve a marvelous work and a wonder. May we never forget. Sadly, almost everything of value about the life and achievements of George Washington have been forgotten in our schools. Parents, we cannot rely on the schools to teach our children about the rise of liberty in this country and he greatness of its early leaders. About all some kids learn of George Washington was that he had slaves. The real story of the birth of this nation must not be forgotten if we are to preserve what liberties we have left.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

4 thoughts on “1776 and the Hand of the Lord

  1. For the longest time, my dad has made it a tradition to watch the movie musical 1776 on Independence Day. It’s probably nothing like the book you just read, but it’s one way he’s found to remember what happened, even with a few songs.
    (Yeah, kinda off-topic, but I thought of it while reading the first paragraph.)

  2. Last year my family gave the talks in my ward for the 4th of July weekend. After a lot of searching and praying, I came across a great site I love Freedom.com that had quotes from church and civic leaders about freedom and liberty. It also had scriptures nicely laid out and people’s testimonies of freedom. It is a great place to learn the basics of freedom and liberty.

  3. “How the people of this nation need to remember the captivity of their fathers, a theme repeated several times in the Book of Mormon”

    Actually, the book of Mormon says nothing about the captivity of the ancestors of the Americans. at least, nothing specifically.

  4. Right – but I’m extending the concept of “remembering the captivity of our Fathers” to our situation. As the ancient Nephites remembered the Exodus and the deliverance of Lehi and Nephi, so should we (IMHO) remember the deliverance of our Founding Fathers from captivity. The story of the American Republic is a modern Exodus of sorts – as was the deliverance of the Latter-day Saints as they trekked to the West.

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