Want More Scientific Evidence About the Main Candidate for Bountiful? Here’s How You Can Help!

Meridian Magazine is launching a series of articles reviewing the detailed reasons for accepting Wadi Sayq at Khor Kharfot in the nation of Oman as the best candidate for the ancient Book of Mormon site of Bountiful in the Arabian Peninsula, one of many intriguing examples of Book of Mormon evidence. The story of the discovery and basic exploration of this site is remarkable, and the evidence so far stands as some of the most impressive factors supporting the authenticity of the Book of Mormon, or at least its opening chapters.

Yet there are still many questions. A genuine archaeological investigation has not been conducted (one was supposed to happen, but the funded investigation went elsewhere for reasons I don’t fully understand). The site is suffering from vandalism, tourism, decay, and environmental change. This strange, extremely unusual biological enclave needs to be protected, documented, and carefully explored by professionals, not just because it’s of interest to Mormonism, but it is a rare and unusual spot on the globe that should be of interest to many naturalists, archaeologists, and other scholars.

So what’s a lover of knowledge to do, LDS or otherwise? You’ll be pleased to know that there is a non-profit organization aimed at promoting knowledge of the Khor Kharfot area. The Khor Kharfot Foundation (http://khor-kharfot-foundation.com/) may be exactly what we need to advance scientific knowledge in this small but significant spot in the Middle East. From their website:

The Foundation exists, therefore, to facilitate exploration
and documentation of Khor Kharfot in its anthropological,
archaeological, faunal and botanical aspects so that the history
of human occupation is better understood. It also acts as an advocate
for the protection of the site.
At all times the most qualified
specialists will be utilized and, wherever possible, Omani citizens
will be involved in the effort.

Publication of findings will be undertaken as expeditiously as
possible in both popular and scholarly outlets. Making information
available is also intended to enhance awareness within Oman of Khor
Kharfot and to encourage preservation of the site from further

With the generous assistance of Meridian Magazine, the Foundation
solicits funds toward that end. All donations to the Foundation are
tax-exempt under Section 501 (c) (3) of the US Internal Revenue Code of
1986, as amended.

The Khor Kharfot Foundation has no connection with any other organization.

I made a donation today, and hope you will also donate.  Thank you, Warren Aston and Meridian Magazine for taking up this cause.

Author: Jeff Lindsay

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