The Amazing Tale of One Man’s Perilous Journey from Islam to Mormonism

My experience with members of the Islam faith has been extremely positive, and I have respect for the peaceful forms of that religion that many people practice. But the chasm between our faith and Islam can be quite wide. Crossing it can be an incredible challenge. One man’s journey from Islam to Mormonism is a gripping tale shared at LDS Living. Tito Momen’s story is told in “My Name Used to Be Muhammad: One Man’s Journey from Muslim to Mormon.” Read the article (or the book) and let me know what you think.

Fifteen years in an Egyptian prison for just his conversion to the LDS faith–how many of us would be willing to pay that price? How much he suffered and lost for his beliefs.

Even the darkest trials of our lives can have value when we turn to God. Thank goodness Tito endured his trials and clung to his faith.

Author: Jeff Lindsay

4 thoughts on “The Amazing Tale of One Man’s Perilous Journey from Islam to Mormonism

  1. I read the book shortly after it came out. Very good! Learned more about Islam from Tito Momem who lived it, than from anybody else. Brother Momen has a very strong testimony to endure the harsh treatment that he received. Sent him a message of thanks after reading the book, he reply back graciously within a day. A good man!

  2. I have read bit and pieces about his story in various publications. Amazing!

    Mr. Momen is a hero. If only more humans had his spirit and integrity.


  3. Lots of Muslims share strong family values and many might gladly become Mormons if they had the chance and not the extreme social pressure to avoid even considering the option. May religious freedom come their way soon!

  4. I devoured the book. It provided a window into a world we have only had glimpses of. Tito's faith is exemplary.

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