US Media Reveals Shocking Truth about the New Pope:

I’ve been amazed in the past week as I’ve observed the mainstream media dig their fangs into the new Pope. They have turned to dissidents, to homosexuals, to liberals and self-styled intellectuals to raise serious questions about the suitability of the new Pope, to wring their hands over his “archaic” and “repressive” ideas and to bemoan his inability to welcome sin more fully into the Church. How could he not see things the same way as the media?

The reasons for the Pope’s backwards attitudes has been a mystery until now. Thanks to America’s investigative media, the truth has come out, the terrible truth the illustrates just how dangerous this man is. Brace yourself for this shocker: the Pope is Catholic. Faithful Catholic, no less. He actually believes the teachings of his Church and can be expected to continue teaching none other than Catholic doctrine. Why the Cardinals didn’t pick Hillary Clinton or some senior editor of the New York Times, the mainstream media just can’t fathom.

You would never know by listening to the mainstream media that the Pope is a respected thinker who speaks 10 languages. And we’re not talking Pig Latin.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

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