Interesting Review of Martha Beck’s Book

The Jewish World Review has a hilarious review of Martha Beck’s recent book of fantasy: “Bulimic Broads” by Marianne M. Jennings. I must apologize for Marianne, though – she lacks obsequious sensitivity and does not accept at face value the farcical elements that Martha Beck “believe[s] to be most true.” In fact, she’s not even a big fan of Oprah.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

3 thoughts on “Interesting Review of Martha Beck’s Book

  1. But she sure is funny! I too am sick to the point of barfing, but not at what Jane and Martha are. I am sick of whining women getting in touch with their inner children and barfing and fainting over every little thing. There is a reason we are supposed to grow up!

    Here here for the Church and here here for Morman Men! You guys are the best! This is one woman who loves both and I promise I won’t barf, unless of course I have the flue, then all promises are off! And you better clean up after me! :o]

  2. Martha’s book is a memoir not a comprehensive look at Mormonism or Mormons. The strong Mormon response (by people who have too often not even read the book) shows the Mormon obsession with the church’s appearance. Relax. Her story is about her not you. It isn’t going to stop the Mormon church from eventually ruling the world after the US constitution hangs from a thread. Your destiny and reward as Gods will not be thwarted by Martha. Breathe…breathe…remember, you are simple people just trying to become Gods.

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