Some Recommended Reading

Kim Siever has a good article on the epithet “cult” that is so often used to scare people away from the Latter-day Saints. See “Is Mormonism a Cult?” (I’ve also got an LDSFAQ article dealing with the claim that we are a cult).

On the FAIRLDS>org Website, John Tvedtnes has an excellent article, “Is God Only a Spirit?” He examines early Christian writings and the Biblical record to show that the LDS understanding of the nature of God is compatible with what John 4:24 actually teaches.

Regarding Joseph Smith’s use of the KJV text in the translation of the Book of Mormon, and questions that arise due to differences in the Joseph Smith Translation of the New Testament and the related passages in the Book of Mormon, see the FAIRLDS “Ask the Apologist” response to a question about Joseph Smith and Matt. 6:13 by Kevin Barney – an outstanding LDS intellect.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

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