Shame on Yahoo, Pepsi: Supporting Child S-x Chat Rooms

Amazing story on Yahoo and other big businesses, thanks to investigation by a TV station in Houston, KPRC (channel 2 in that area). Heard about this on the Kim Komando Show while driving today. To its shame, Yahoo has some of the worse chat rooms around, including sex chat rooms to bring young kids in contact with older men. The very titles of these rooms indicate their purpose – it’s no secret to Yahoo. In spite of many letters and complaints, Yahoo continues to operate these rooms aimed at meeting the “needs” of molesters and perverts. Why? Because they bring in lots of advertising dollars. Kim Komando explained that in going to one such room, you had to first click on an ad for Diet Pepsi. That’s right – Pepsi was involved in supporting a child sex chat room. After complaints were raised, they pulled the ads. Other products advertised in such objectionable hell holes included State Farm Insurance and Brawny paper towels, according to Kim.

What to do? Don’t use Yahoo. Eliminate any Yahoo chat room services from your computers. Sell your Yahoo stock. And send their CEO a letter objecting to profiteering from child molestation services. Disgusting.

And hey, business owners, don’t advertise on Yahoo, and don’t touch any agency that would think of putting your ads on Yahoo.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

10 thoughts on “Shame on Yahoo, Pepsi: Supporting Child S-x Chat Rooms

  1. Is Diet Pepsi the preferred soft drink of child molesters? This might be a good time to drop an unhealthy habit for you Pepsi junkies.

  2. You know its their god given right to advertise and sell what they want to who they want. Plus those chatrooms are not meant for children you fool, its children who look at them through curiousity. Just because children don’t know enough about sex yet doesn’t make Diet Pepsi a disgusting company. – mail me if you wanna talk sick and disturbing

  3. First of all the Chatrooms are not aimed at kids and if you think they are you are a DOLT!
    Second of all they put up ad’s so they can generate revenue to keep going and Pepsi really doesn’t tell Yahoo where to put it’s ad’s as long as they get the ad’s put up.
    I wouldn’t blame yahoo or Pepsi for what happens in the chatrooms other then maybe not having an age system in place or something like that.
    or even monitors in the rooms, It’s like blaming violent Video games on what Kids do when clearly there’s not only a RATING system in place for parents to know what their kids are playing but also the fact that the PARENTS are supposed to watch what their kids are doing!!!
    It’s in bad taste to blame the companies completely rather then giving most of the blame to the parents for not watching what the kids are doing or even setting up software to prevent the web pages from coming up in the first place which isn’t hard to do at all.
    Get some sense people!!!

  4. and shame on the LDS church for putting so much money into political campaigns that ban civil rights (first the blacks, now the gays).
    shame on you. it’s pathetic.

  5. Gotta say, there`s nothing new `bout the LDS reaction, they always seem to conviently forget their faults when blasting others, usually in a self rightous, half cocked way.

  6. Gay marriage is not a civil right – where do you get that idea? You guys want benefits at the expense of others. Forget it.

  7. Parents have stewardship over their children, whom they feed and suckle with love and care. Shall not certain businesses have stewardship over the people they nurture and lull into stupor through the fantasy of their product? Are they not their children as well? Both, today, lack proper responsibility towards the fruit of their loins.

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