Secret Combinations: Should We Care What the Book of Mormon Says?

Ether 8 and many other parts of the Book of Mormon warn against the great dangers of powerful secret combinations whose members gain great power and wealth and eventually cause terrible destruction. We are warned that secret societies caused the destruction of two great Book of Mormon nations, and that they will threaten us with destruction in our day, and that a secret combination will seek to overthrow the freedom of all nations (Ether 8:25). I’ve heard Latter-day Saints discuss the topic a few times, and frequently people conclude that all that talk in the Book of Mormon is there to warn us about the (yawn) Mafia. The Mafia? Sure, they have the oaths and secret allegiances that qualify them for a true secret combination according to Book of Mormon definitions, but do they have the clout and power to wield international influence in a way that should cause us to fear and tremble? Maybe you folks in New Jersey have got some trouble, but they are minor league players as far as I’m concerned.

Consider the details in the Book of Mormon about secret societies and the various roles they play as external and internal threats, coupled with their workings, their oaths, their strategies, the wars they create, their ways of gaining influence among lawyers, merchants, and political rulers, and so forth. Based on what we have learned in the past century about groups such as the Mafia, Al Qaeda, the groups behind the Mao Mao rebellion in Kenya, Communist revolutionaries and cells, and other organizations, it is now remarkably clear that the Book of Mormon is accurate and could not have been fabricated based on what little Joseph Smith could have known. Further, their description fits in well with Mesoamerican society, as Brant Gardner shows. (E.g., they require a society with a system of taxation to provide the profit engines for these groups, and taxation plus other features in the Book of Mormon fits in well with Mesoamerica but not with the Native Americans Joseph would have known about.) Yes, in terms of evidences for the Book of Mormon, that’s cool, but the real point is what we need to watch out for in our day. Does anybody think about this?

I know it’s a terribly controversial subject, with everybody in modern America being scared to death to talk about “conspiracies,” but shouldn’t we engage in discourse about secret societies and their dangers and influence in our day? And does it bother anybody that a tiny little secret society, Skull and Bones, has become tremendously powerful, with BOTH candidates for the US Presidency being members? CBS News just ran an article on Skull and Bones that might be interesting for some of you, I hope. Another controversial article at shows how these bipartisan Bonesmen responded when asked publicly about their affiliation. Shouldn’t we at least know what oaths they have made?

Perhaps our modern secret societies are just jovial fraternities based on good clean fun. And frankly, the Book of Mormon only presents one side of the story. I’m sure Gadianton did a lot for the economy and probably cared about kids and was just a fun-loving guy with a lot of close friends. If only that book weren’t so biased! And politically incorrect, to say the least.

Author: Jeff Lindsay

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  1. I think the Skull and Bones is a bit overstated. It’s a pseudo-Masonic fraternity. The bigger issue isn’t this fraternity but the fact that to be a big leader in America you have to enter into the world of connections that is primarily the place of the Eastern elite. (Bush is from Texas, but his father was of that elite and he became part of the elite) It is this elitism that is the bigger worry. The Skull and Bones itself is way overstated (IMO).

    I do think secret combinations are important to learn about though. While the Italian mafia has truly been pushed back a lot, there is a lot of organized crime. However more interesting of a parallel are terrorist cells who truly have a lot in common with the Book of Mormon.

  2. You may want to believe that there is nothing wrong with the Skull and Bones society, but you don’t really know, just as we don’t know that there is anything wrong with it.

  3. Interestingly, Rush Limbaugh in a radio program on May 3 downplayed the sadistic and perverted events at Abu Ghraib prison by stating that what happened “is no different than what happens at the Skull & Bones initiation.” That alone is a good reason to worry about the source of the rituals of Skull and Bones. But Limbaugh pleaded ignorance a few days before when a caller asked about Skull and Bones. Guess he boned up a bit for his May 3 call.

    Abu Ghraib and Skull and Bones rituals – just good clean fraternity fun.

    Now imagine if the two candidates for President happened to both be Mormons. There are millions of us versus 800 Bonesmen, so the odds of it happening by chance are vastly greater for the Mormon case. But if the two candidates both “happened” to be Mormon, you can bet that it would be an issue 24-hours a day. Rumors of Mormons scheming to take over the country would be taken seriously and discussed. And it would be natural and fair to ask about “secret” Temple oaths, and ask if allegiance to Mormon views might jeopardize Presidential judgment, and so forth. They would be issues that we would expect to deal with frequently and openly. But there’s hardly a word about Skull and Bones. Most Americans haven’t even heard about it. Why is the press so silent?

  4. I had a similar discussion with a friend of mine regarding this post. I maintain that I can tell a non-member almost everything about the temple endowment except a few things which I have covenanted not to disclose, while a S&B member apparently cannot say anything. There is a lot more transparency in the Mormon Temple Ceremony than in the S&B.

  5. I think most Mormons would probably disagree with you regarding what can be said about the temple.

    As for the person who brought up Limbaugh, I’m not quite sure of the connection. Limbaugh made some offensive stupid remarks. Surely you aren’t saying that because Limbaugh tried to justify torture that somehow Skull and Bones is torture? Of course most fraternities have hazing, but I guess I’m not quite sure of the point you are making. There seems to be a “guilt by silence” argument which is remarkably similar to the kind of charges made against Mormons, Masons and others with secret/sacred rituals.

    There are lots of “exposes” of it, just as there are of the endowment and other masonic related rituals. And most of them all have associated conspiracy theories associated with them. (Just watch the Godmakers which seems to imbid of a lot of the anti-Skull and Bones conspiracies – especially at the end) One of the better articles is the following Atlantic article:

  6. Interesting post Jeff. I think we have a tendency to brush things like S&B aside as harmless fun, however the warnings in the Book of Mormon about secret combinations suggest that we perhaps ought to be less nonchalant about such matters.

    Cayblood says: “I maintain that I can tell a non-member almost everything about the temple endowment except a few things which I have covenanted not to disclose”

    Sounds a lot like this quote:
    “there is no real reason that even devout Church members could not talk more about the temple ceremonies than they do, with appropriate discretion about time and place, since the oaths of secrecy attach only to the new names, signs, tokens, and penalties. Indeed, more open talk about the temple would not only facilitate understanding among both Mormons and non-Mormons in certain historical and scholarly respects, but would also infinitely improve the preparedness of initiates, almost all of whom now enter the temple with only the vaguest idea of what to expect or of the obligations they will be asked to assume.”
    Reflections on Mormon Temple Worship by Armand L. Mauss

    This attitude is no doubt the justification for sites like

    I don’t personally buy it. There are many things that are sacred – ‘pearls’ if you will, that for reasons other than covenants of secrecy I simply don’t believe should be openly discussed.

  7. Many valid points have been made thus far, about the almost Infamous Skull and Bones Society of Grande Olde Yale.

    Having witnessed both Bush and Kerry’s refusal to disclose any previously unknown information about their “private support group” on Television with my own eyes, I can only say I feel a certain sense of uneasiness gnawing away at my well being deep in the pit of my stomach.

    Something is not right… left… or even in the middle. SOMETHING IS WRONG!!!

    Kerry is Scary and Bush just keeps on smirkin’.

    Those of You who have performed Temple Work know the importance of Symbolism… Correct? Rest assured that those who Practice the occult or Alchemy or Mysticism or just about ANY form of Spirituality… Use Symbology as well. Read Secret meanings… Profound meanings into images, acts, omens, oaths, and etc and etc.

    Now consider the symbol of the Skull w’ the Crossed Bones. What comes to mind first?

    If You said “Pirates” congratulations! Pat yourself on the back… You have just taken the first step of an incredibly enlightening and empowering journey!

    Do a little more digging. Perhaps you’ll run across connections. Connections between various bonesmen and shady shenanigans. Prescott Bush & the Nazis perhaps? How about the order of the death’s head branch of the Nazi SS?

    How about bonesmen connections to smuggling? Opium? Cocaine? Weapons? Just curious… how ’bout you?

    Say, didn’t the Knight’s Templar Fly a Black Flag w’ a Skull n Bones? You know on the fleet that fled France with Tons of Precious cargo Cultivated by the lending of money(@ interest) and the looting of the middle east, during the crusades? The fleet that took the high road… the fleet that went to Scotland? Hmmm.

    To make profit from the lending of money, the conventions of War, Smuggling, and various other forms of distasteful usurpation of the basic GOD given inalienable Rights We as Sovereign Individuals share… Personally makes me Sad/Mad at the same time. Yet ultimitely I feel Pity for those Blinded by Greed and the lust for the things of this world.

    They turn their backs to God. Their Trilateral Eye’s gaze firmly affixed toward a More SSecure world. Accountable not to GOD but to machine and man. A tattletell society. Homogenized across the globe.

    This is perhaps one of the MOST IMPORTANT elections in a ever in the history of America. Please get active. Research these two Bonesmen. The internet makes so much so easy. Don’t let those who plan the policy of this Great Nation in $ecret further erode the Constitution and continue to usurp Your Rights and Tokapelli’s too!

    God knows if you just sit on the fence.
    Make a difference now! Not War Fodder Later.



  8. Not that I subscibe to any of the latter day proponents of the texts that appeared after the formulation of the biblical canon, I did,however find your themes intriguing.
    While I do believe that G.W.Bush is as bad for the world(as sybolic world leader)as those who think the worst of him,(He is definately unfit to be the leader of any FREE peoples), but, I will reserve any similar judgments on Kerry. After all, Kerry did not take the world to witness the trainwreak that Iraq has now become.
    However, the very existance of secret societies poses a huge number of very interesting questions precisly because they are secret. And do I personally feel that G.W.Bush has made a pact with some very evil men? I do.
    In fact I would go so far as to say that he follows and has sold his soul to Mammon, another name for the Devil, The god of money. Speaking about money,…..
    Check out a few of my political photo-montage illustrations at

  9. Dear Friends,

    I am so glad that I found this website. I’m a Latter-Day Saint mother of three and a return missionary. I have always believed, as the prophet Ezra Taft Benson taught, that the Book of Mormon was written for our time.

    I have read and re-read Ether, chapter eight. I always feel uneasy as I read it. Has anyone noticed how antithetical the Secret Society of Skull and Bones is the the gosple.

    First, We have a temple, they have a tomb. The temple is a symbol of life eternal, the tomb a symbol of death eternal.

    Second, the BOM constantly stresses that those that truly repeat ever strive to “keep their swords” clean of the blood of their brothern. One cherished symbol of the Skull and Bones Society is the bloodied sword that is kept in a glass case in the tomb. I read this in a book published by a Student at Yale.

    Third, we know that the ancient Americans buried sacred scriptural records and artifacts in the ground, usually on a mountain side or hill. One major effort of the Bush Administration is to bury nuclear waste, the most toxic substance know to man, in the sacred Indian Mountain, Yucca Mountain. Just as the BOM came forth 2,000 years later to give eternal life to those who read and believed it and lived its teaching, so can the nuclear waste come forth to give death and destruction to all those who come unto it.

    Forth, Christ taught the doctrine of baptism following repentance for the remission of sins, afterwhich one could receive the gift of the Holy Ghost to lead, guide and inspire him. Skull and Bones has a “baptism”, but it is a baptism of filth, literally mud and afterwards the inductee receives not the Holy Ghost, but the power of Satan, to gain wealth and power.

    Fifth, is the LDS doctrine of the “Literal Gathering of Israel and the Restoration of the 12 Tribes”, spoken of by the prophet Joseph Smith. The true believers of Christ are said to seek to gather Israel, the unbelievers are said to “scatter her abroad”. What does it mean to gather Israel from the four corners of the earth? What does it mean to scatter Israel? Has anyone noticed how the Bush Policies (Skull and Bones) have actually scattered the House of Israel? One example is sending young LDS men who are preparing for missions to war to die. Another example is the separating of families enforced by the Bush Administration. Cuban Americans are only allowed to see their families once every three years under Bush.

    Another Example is the seizure of the Shoshone Indian Land which forces families to be torn apart and leave their native lands. Mexican men are leaving their families to come to work in the U.S. This is just one example of the “scattering of Israel”.

    I could go on to list over 100 exact opposites between Skull and Bones and the LDS Church. The Prophet Joseph Smith came from humble means, an unlearned man – Bonesman come from the wealthies, the most elite families of the earth and are “very learned”.

    The Gosple teaches us to “confess our sins and forsake them”. Skull and Bones teaches one how to “hide ones sins”. The Word of Wisdom teaches abstinence from alchohol, Skull and Bones teaches drinking as much as one can. Is it any wonder that Bush was convicted of drunken driving once and lost his Pilot’s license in the Air National Guard. (Richard Cheney also has two DUI on record).

    Setting forth the doctrine to get gain, wealth, power, influence without the Priesthood? We learn in the Temple that Satan also has a Priesthoods. Yes Prieshoods, but unlike Christ whose “Kingdom is not of this World”, Satan’s Kingdom is of this world as the devil loves the things of this world.

    And what of the scripture that a corrupt tree cannot bring forth good fruit? What of that scripture? How is it that the Secret Society of Skull and Bones, long been associated with the opium trade, the slave trade and the illegal arms trade can suddenly bring forth the pure fruit?

    And how is it that Jesus Christ is the great liberator of men, who sought to free those in bondage and yet America has become the nation with the most number of people in prison? How is it that we have come to imprison over 50,000 men, women and boys in Iraq, torture and abuse them and how is it that many of these prisoners have been kept in the nude for lack of enough prison suits. How is it that our nation has kept starving, naked Iraqi detainees in prison and subjected them to sexual abuse and then we have called ourselves liberators?

    How is it?

    Melinda Wallace

  10. Wow, this is a really excellent post.

    Ether 8 is actually what pretty much “sealed the deal,” so to speak, in my testimony of the Book of Mormon.

    Personally, I know we should all listen to the council given by Moroni. This is God-given council through Moroni for us in these latter-days. There is not a doubt in my mind that these secret societies will be what brings about all the war, famine, and other atrocities that will precede the second coming.

    I urge you all to take a look at alternative news sources; unsuprisingly, many of the mainstream news conglomerates are headed by members of secret societies.

    At risk of being very controversial, I’d like to remind you that the Gadianton Robbers preformed acts of terrorism on their own lands. Just something to ponder when the next terrorist attacks on a western nation occur. Ask yourselves, who benifits?

    If anyone is interested in a fantastic source of information about Skull and Bones, along with other conspiracy ‘theory’ stuff, check out the works of Alex Jones:

    Fantastic post by the way, Sister Wallace.

  11. Secret Combinations: This is kind of interesting in reference to the mentioning Secret Societies in the Book of Mormon. In the 1820’s and 1830’s for a limited time there was a large anti-secret society movement in the U.S. especially in NY. A lot of churches and their members were influenced by the political propaganda by the non-Freemasons. Freemasons held high positions in public office. The Non-Freemasons used a “just at the right time opportunity” which was two Freemasons were suspects in the disappearance of man. So there was a large public (churches included) back lash against the Freemasons. A lot of this Anti-Secret Society stuff was inflamed by politicians who were not Freemasons. Kind of like the Republicans and the Democrats today use any kind of sudden “Just Right Opportunities” to build support for each others parties. Of course the Republicans and Democrats use all the media sources available. The main distribution of political propaganda back in 1820’s and 1830’s were mainly the Newspapers and Churches.

  12. We should care about what we know about “secret combinations” and even do all we can to combat them. These are the reasons: 1) we know from the Book of Mormon that they exist, 2) we know they exist to get gain and power, 3) when you consider positions of power in government and other institutions, and the idea that there are those out there who are bent on obtaining those positions and conspire with a group of fellow conspirators to get there, we know those positions are filled with the conspirators, 4)when you consider the Lord’s millennial government and world-wide reign (the law from Zion, the gospel from Jerusalem, the two capitals of the millennial Kingdom of God), in light of how Satan is always making counterfeits of things that are good and true, it is easy to see how Satan is bent on making his own world order. How else can he successfully combat the stone cut out of the mountain without hands that will eventually fill the earth? The Lord, with the restoration of the gospel, has started the marvelous work and wonder. Satan knows this and is reeling to and fro in fear. His chains of evil influence are still set upon the frailties of men, and will be so until the Lord eventually binds him. Do you think Satan is not planning against this? Is it reasonable to think that he would sit back idly and just quietly await his own defeat? No way.

    As for how we “fight” against it, I’ve thought long about this. Honestly, missionary work is the answer. Zion is built one soul at a time. Each and every person who repents and turns to the Lord, and receives baptism into the Lord’s church at the hands of those authorized by the Lord to perform such ordinances, strengthens the Kingdom of God. Seek the Holy Spirit and convert yourself, know the only true God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent, commit wholly to Him, then strengthen others with the message of freedom and liberty as taught by His amazing Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ. Line up with Christ and His church, because in the end, He who descended below all that Satan had power over (the world) has now won power over even death and hell. In other words, the weapon to vanquish Lucifer is already in the Lord’s hands, and He now awaits the time when His church has sufficient strength to move forward and usher in His political and spiritual reign in the earth.

    Do we need to know the identity of the secret conspirators? No. We just need to be spiritually prepared, and we will not fear. But in general, follow the money up and up and see which society or organization has the most of it, or the most power over it. Invariably, Satan will be at the top, who communicates directly with some “Master Mahan”. Again, does anyone recognize this counterfeit (ie. the prophet and direct communication with Jesus Christ in guiding the church)?

  13. Just watched Syriana. Very important Movie. I hate George Clooney, but it was a vergy good movie. At least I hated him… I don’t know…

    Also watched “Why we Fight” about the military industrial complex.

    I hate skull and bones. I hate thinking about people making money on war. I hate the idea of secrets. I hate dealing with all these evil dictators so american corporations can make a buck.

    I want someone with integrity. I want Mitt Romney. I’m not saying he has the inside scoop on all the bad things goingon in the world, but if he believes in the book of Mormon, which I think he does, he has to know that doing all this business with crime organizations, that doing business with all these evil people, is not in America’s best long term interest.

    He has to know that Americans should not die for oil. He has to know to stand up agaist all that stuff…

    I’m working on a Romney site, but need help. My e-mail address is on the side. Contact me if you want to help.

  14. As far as I’m concerned, Skull and Bones is sandbox play compared to the Bilderberg and Illuminati organizations. They’re the ones who have the real power in this world and they’re the ones behind many of the evil stuff we’re seeing today.

    9/11 was an inside job. Investigate before it’s too late.

    Ron Paul ’08

  15. “A secret combination that seeks to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations, and countries is increasing its evil influence and control over America and the enitre world”

    the above is stated by Ezra Taft Benson General Conference 1988

    on SEPTEMBER 11th 1990 during his state of the union address Senior George Bush stated:

    “What is at stake is more than one small country, it is a big idea, a NEW WORLD ORDER.. to achieve to universal aspirations of mankind based upon shared principles and the rule of law the ILLUMINATION of a thousand points of light THE WINDS OF CHANGE ARE WITH US NOW!!

    Look at what is happening the greatest gift Satan has is to deceive many… WE HERE IN AMERICA are sleeping worried about what Britney Spears or the Superbowl will bring PLEASE WAKE UP like the PROPHETS OF OLD talked about! Remember the book of mormon and when we read it today we ask why was the people so blind back then???

    We need to become aware of this conspiracy and warn others the Doctrine and Covenants tells us plainly that it is our duty to do so DC 123:13-15

    Wherefore, O ye Gentiles, it is wisdon in God that these things be shown unto you, that thereby ye may repent of your sins, AND SUFFER NOT THAT THESE MURDEROUS COMBINATIONS SHALL GET ABOVE YOU, which are bulit up to get POWER AND GAIN- Ether 8:23

    START WITH BUILDING 7 that fell on Sept 11th and go from there!

    9-11 was an inside job to bring the NEW WORLD ORDER to pass.

  16. Sister Wallace suggested two websites: Infowars and PrisonPlanet.

    While I frequent those sites myself, I would highly caution others not to take everything on those sites as factual or accurate. In fact, much of their content is not wholy accurate and is meant to be alarming. Alex Jones profits from his movies, talk show, and his efforts to expose the New World Order Elites. While we can commend him on his work, remember, he is not endowed with the gift of the Holy Ghost, the source of truth.

    Let us remain open minded but also practice critical thinking and rely on God for truth and not become followers of people like Alex Jones who I’m sure have good intentions.

  17. I don’t permit links to Youtube sites in my comments unless it’s a video I know and feel is appropriate. I just deleted two comments that violated this policy.

  18. I agree with a lot of what you say about other organizations, but within the Mormon church you have a secret combination. What happens in the temple is a secret combination. Now as an ex mormon(13 yrs) I was told SACRED not SECRET, but from what I know the Gospel is not a secret/sacred to be kept behind locked doors. I am also aware through Gods word that there are no qualifications to receiving all of Gods favor and blessings. By virtue of the fact that what happens in the temple is not public knowledge, makes it a secret, and mormons have to earn a temple recommend by meeting certain standards. Finally mormons are made to feel that they are only complete once they have gone to the temple, that in itself is not what is in Gods word. When you give your life to Jesus, his blood on the cross is all that saves you, nothing you can ever do will please God for the sins that you have committed.

    God bless


  19. Great blog. I’m an Australian. Many of my friends feel helpless when conspiracies are discussed, and end up saying, ‘oh well, there’s nothing we can do about it’. I like what the Lamanites did – they hunted them down (some may have been killed) and taught them the gospel (did they teach them the gospel at arrowpoint???)… until they were ‘utterly destroyed from… the Lamanites’ (see Helaman 6.) The Nephites didn’t fare so well, as they were all enjoying the ‘spoils of war/s’, even unwittingly, that these combinations were supplying. As an Aussie mormon, i marvel at the US constitution being trampled. It is the ONLY constitution endorsed by God. The 2 party “vein and foolish tradition” should cease, and men and women who uphold the constitution should be sought. Blokes like your own Ron Paul, who didn’t even want to support his own party rep. recommended supporting others who seem more concerned about re-enthroning your constitution. I think we’re well and truely being manipulated by secret, well organised, dark forces. We need to hunt them out, and bring them to justice, by force if necessary. Sites like yours are great in bringing to peoples attention what we instinctively know. cheers.

  20. To help put things into perspective, here is a paraphrase from Ether 8….

    Now I, Moroni, will not write the details of their oaths and combinations, for it has been made known to me that all people have them, including the Lamanites. These secret combinations caused the destruction of these ancient people, the Jaredites. They have also caused the destruction of all my people, the Nephites.

    Any nation that builds up and upholds these secret combinations in order to get power and gain, spreading them all over the nation, will be destroyed.

    The Lord will not allow His saints, who will be murdered by members of these combinations, to continue to cry to Him without avenging them.

    This is why this record of destruction will be shown to you Gentiles, to give you the chance to repent, that you may not allow these murderous combinations to get above you.

    If you do build up and support these secret combinations, then the work of destruction will come upon you as the Eternal God’s sword of justice falls upon you, causing your overthrow.

    Now Note: Compare Moroni’s warning to us with a warning from the prophet Ezra Taft Benson to LDS Church members, “If we don’t quit building up and supporting secret combinations, the situation will continue to degenerate (destruction) as it did anciently.” (ENSIGN, Jan. 1988, pg. 5).

    More of Moroni’s warning:
    The Lord commands you Gentiles (including LDS Gentiles) to wake up and realize your awful situation when you see these secret combinations that will be among you.

    Note Again: The prophet Ezra also testified, “I testify that wickedness is rapidly expanding in every segment of our society. It is more highly organized, more cleverly disguised, and more powerfully promoted than ever before. Secret combinations lusting for power, gain, and glory are flourishing. A secret combination that seeks to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations, and countries is increasing its evil influence and control over America and the entire world.” (ENSIGN, Nov. 1988, pg. 86).

    And Moroni: For judgments will fall upon those secret combinations, and upon those who build them up, because those who have been murdered by them will cry from the dust for vengeance.

    Those who build up secret combinations seek to overthrow freedom in all lands, nations, and countries, and to bring about the destruction of all people.

    Enough said.

  21. Secret Combinations are on many levels: international, national and local.

    Keeping secrets and using those secrets to further one's own prosperity is what secret combinations are all about.

    They happen in wards, congress, the Army and the UN.

  22. I wish I could do so much more, I have left, like Lehi did, and occasionally hold out hope that I was wrong. First let me say there's no such thing as a fallen prophet because God would kill him first. There are false prophets and true prophets, no fallen ones. Now let me say what can save America and spare even more than just a residue or remnant of the saints when it hits, no votes, no legislation, nothing can save a nation whose enemy is not China, is not the Secret Combinations, but is the very One of Israel whose sword and arm cannot be held back. He is the One who can stay His own arm and sword if He chooses based on the prayers, and faith of that nation's people. Ah I hear them saying in one accord that they have faith but have forgotten what works can be claimed as faith: doing what the Prophet says, and this is what Pres.Monson and all the others have said repeatedly: listen to the Holy Ghost and do what it says. And also understand Isaiah because it reveals the entire last days events in their entirety. Because the saints do not know why the sword hangs above them, I assume they did not understand Isaiah. There's no time here to explain, and there's no use. When death comes, do not fear, we all make mistakes and the sword strikes all of us from time to time, it does not mean we are condemned, not all who died in the Flood of Noah were sons of perdition, many babies drowned were noble elect, and even of the adults not all were completely culpable. Even Moses, even the Apostles made mistakes. So I don't judge, I merely state the facts that a sword is about to fall and only a remnant or residue will be spared. Farewell until we're all clothed and crowned at our next meeting my dear brothers and sisters!

  23. Read the book, "Creature from Jekyll Island" by G Edward Griffin and also watch his videos on youtube. You will find that the great secret combination of this earth has been private bankers who have controlled our politicians on both sides and over many years have set up the United Nations, World Bank, IMF, etc to bring in a New World Order. Their ultimate goal is world dominance and they work to destroy the constitution of America to bring in a North American Union.

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