The Sanctifying Power of Parenthood

I recently ran into an acquaintance from about 15 years ago. I don’t think she is a religious person and I seem to recall that she and her boyfriend (now husband) were agnostic. But regardless of her religious views, I was truly uplifted to hear her speak about how motherhood has transformed her life. Her boyfriend is now her husband, and they are the parents of two young children. She told me how grateful she was that she could keep her significant job as a part-time position, allowing her to spend more time with the kids and really get to know them and be there for them. She talked about how meaningful it has been for her and her husband to raise children, how precious the experience has been, and how it has changed their lives. Perhaps we are miles apart in our religious views, but I felt like she was my sister in the Gospel of Jesus Christ when we were talking. I felt I was talking to someone with deep spiritual perspectives far beyond mere recitation of dogma, someone who has grasped some of the most important truths of life. My conversation with this wonderful and wise woman made me reflect on the divine gift of parenthood that God shares with us, a role that I think can sanctify us and bring us closer to Him regardless of our religious knowledge.

The emphasis that the Church puts on the family and on the importance of parenthood makes even more sense to me now. It may be vastly more important than most of realize. I, for one, wish to improve and be a better parent.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

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