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  1. I thought you were kidding when you told me you were doing that as a blog…lol

    Notwithstanding, it is very apt in terms of the anti-Mormon “Christian” agenda.

  2. Is that really targeted towards mormons? Now, that is offensive! I don’t hunt, and no one I know hunts either! Yuck!

    I would hope that we would come across as people who respected life, all life, more than that. It’s too bad they can pick on something like that to try to sway people away from the gospel. Sure there are members who hunt, but they are exception to the rule and I think that they do it for the food anyway.

    Oh well, I am sure that they will continue to find ways to be against us. What will be next? Our love of Jello?? 😉

  3. No, it’s just a spoof. Ministering to Mammals with Love as a title for a hunting book shows a perverse kind of “love” toward mammals, in parallel with the anti-Mormon ministries that claim they are reaching out “with love” to their deluded Mormon friends to save their souls by telling others how evil, hateful, and Satanic those Mormon cultists are.

    Anti-Mormons often preface their regurgitation of warped bigotry, scandalous rumors, and long refuted misinformation with delusional statements about their “love” for the Mormons. Mmmm, and they just love venison, too.

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