Saints with Halos at the Green Bay Temple

While visiting the Green Bay Temple, I was impressed with the two statues of local saints. These are Saint Curly (Lambeau) and Saint Vincent (Lombardi). If you stand in the right place, they have tasteful halos. This wasn’t a Mormon temple, if you didn’t notice. It is the temple for a much more popular and still relatively true religion in Wisconsin.

The Green Bay Temple is a very cool place, even if some of the worshipers run around in funny clothes and odd hats. There’s a lot to like about the religion, but that part about humans becoming glorified is hard to swallow, especially when some of the glorified apostatize and join other teams. Then there’s that whole reincarnation thing with Saint Farve…. Hey, but every religion has things that seem odd to outsiders. Even mine, I guess.

Here are a couple more views.

Author: Jeff Lindsay

5 thoughts on “Saints with Halos at the Green Bay Temple

  1. I'm a huge fan of the old NFL Films, you know, the ones that always start with something like "It was a cold day at Lambeau Field . . ." That and I've always had fantasies of doing the Lambeau Leap. Not in this lifetime I guess.

  2. I'm sitting here today in sunny Az feeling sad, but your delightful post put a smile on my face. I'd love to visit the Green Bay temple sometime and witness the proceedings.

  3. Jeff, while I read your blog often and love you and your posts.

    You must know I wish the Packers all the worst on February 6th.

    This is of course, with all due respect.

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