The Church in Vancouver? The Real Promised Land?

Any of you from Vancouver? Curious to know how the Church is doing there. I’ll be in Vancouver briefly in October as a speaker at the Licensing Executives Society 2007 Annual Meeting for a panel on university-industry relationships, where I’m representing Innovation Edge. Very exciting topic, IMHO (but please don’t get me going on the topic of pending patent reform legislation and what that might do to universities!).

I see an LDS Temple is under construction in Vancouver. That’s good.

I understand that Vancouver Island was one of the destinations contemplated for the Latter-day Saints before they left Nauvoo. Like Salt Lake City, Vancouver offers great skiing nearby. But after you’re done skiing, you can go fishing, canoing, golfing, or swimming on the beach – on the same day. One of the most amazing climates and recreational regions anywhere. Now that’s a real promised land!

(I almost hesitate to mention Vancouver lest it trigger a regurgitation of a passage from a particular anti-Mormon book. . . . Maybe I’ll cover that a little later.)


Author: Jeff Lindsay

8 thoughts on “The Church in Vancouver? The Real Promised Land?

  1. I’m on Vancouver Island…the Church is doing pretty well, and now the new temple is exciting.

    I hope you enjoy your trip…try to make it to Victoria or Cathedral Grove while you’re here, it’s worth the ferry ride.

  2. You can go swimming on the beach in Southern Alberta? I’m not sure it’s quite the same, lol. Don’t forget surfing at Long Beach too.

  3. Sure can, Nicole. And it’s sandy beaches, too. Not the rocky, barnacly kind Vancouver has. They’re not strait beaches, but lake beaches are just as good, and the water’s warmer.

    onhech, my wife was born and raised in Maple ridge. In fact, we had our wedding reception at the Maple Ridge chapel.

  4. Wow thats crazy. Just an interesting note as well for Jeff, I’m going to Vegas for my mission in a month so I’ll keep an eye out for your son and his bike ^_^

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