Recently our ward mission leader invited several couples to his home for dinner and what I thought would be an “ordinary” ward mission correlation meeting for half of the group while the others could chat about other topics. Instead, it proved to be a discussion for all of us after dinner in which we were each asked to share an experience in which we played some role helping another person who joined the Church or made the decision to become more active in the Church. For a moment I thought this would be somewhat corny, but it proved to be a helpful and inspiring experience.

I thought about the tremendous experiences we had watching some people change their lives and glow with the joy of the Gospel. Remembering those experiences, and the small miracles involves, strengthened me. When I left the meeting later that evening, I gave the ward missionary leader one of my highest compliments (with a smile, of course): “This meeting was not a waste of time.”

Remembering – what a good idea!

The Book of Mormon is filled with admonitions to remember the covenants of the Lord, to remember all that He has done for us. It is so easy to forget what He has done, to forget our testimony and the blessings that the Gospel brings. Memory is lost if not used and recalled. Testimony meetings help this, but we need to do more. We need to ponder and reflect frequently on the Lord’s dealings and the blessings we have received, including the spiritual experiences accompanying missionary work. May we reflect upon the spiritual experiences we have had and always remember the covenants of the Lord.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

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  1. When I was EQ pres, I visited all the members of the quorum. No small task due to the high inactivity (theirs, not mine 😉 ). While getting acquainted I would ask about their conversion. I could see the spirit touch them as they recounted feeling the spirit for the first time, their baptism, etc. I then pointed out that they we were feeling the spirit and ask if they missed that feeling. Wouldn’t they want to feel that again every day? Needless to say, activity increased dramatically. Then when I was bishop I did the same thing with the same result.

    Often we need to just remind our less active brothers and sisters what they are missing in their lives. They know that it is worth working to regain, they just need a boost.

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