Religious Liberty: Increasingly at Risk

The Alliance Defense Fund is a Christian group providing legal assistance to people whose religious liberty is threatened. Some of the cases they have handled are simply shocking, such as the city in California that punished a church for trying to put up a school by not only not allowing them to occupy the new building, but also imposing strict rules on when they could have activities in their old building (banning weekday activities that go past 7:00 PM, for example). That story is “Rezoned Church.”

I also appreciate ADF for speaking out against the Pentagon’s absurd anti-Boy Scout warning to military bases. (Does the Commander in Chief have anything to say on such issues?)

Anybody have any experience with ADF?

The Rutherford Institute is another private group that uses lawyers to help protect religious liberty in this country. I’ve been impressed with some of their accomplishments over the years.

Latter-day Saints, when religious liberty is gone, let me warn you that your religion is on the top of the problem list. This is the time to stand up for liberty and to support honorable groups that still care about the Constitution and liberty. The Far Left despises the Church for its pro-family, anti-abortion, pro-morality positions that simply cannot be tolerated in the “tolerant” society they wish to enforce on us. Of course, there are right-wing people who call themselves Christians who may be happy to join in the attack on the Mormons (you know, the kind who stir up audiences with hate films in the name of “ministering to Mormons with love“). But they’re pretty high on the list, too, so if I were them, I’d forget their theological differences and join with fellow Christians of all kinds to stand up for freedom of religion, one of the greatest gifts God has given us – and one of the liberties Satan despises most.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

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