Visiting Other Wards and Branches When Traveling

This is a photo of people “punting” on the Cam River in Cambridge, England. Looking at this picture and some other photos I took in Cambridge last year reminded me of the wonderful visit with the local LDS ward there. A pleasantly diverse group of Saints that seemed to really cherish the Gospel and enjoyed healthy discussion in Sunday School – that’s how I remember them.

When I travel on business, I always hope that I can attend a local LDS Church if I’ll be away on a Sunday. In addition to the spiritual need, observing fellow Latter-day Saints in different settings, especially different countries, helps me appreciate the universal nature of the Gospel. The flavor of the Church varies somewhat with locale, just as some practices vary with time, but the core is universal.

Greetings to my fellow Latter-day Saints in England and all over the world.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

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