Religious Bigotry in Science Textbooks

Boy, I thought the Mormons were mistreated in textbooks, but our problems are nothing compared to this blatant example of bigotry from my son’s high school science textbook (C. Starr and R. Taggart, Biology: The Unity and Diversity of Life, 7th ed., Belmont, Mass.: Wadsworth Publ. Co., 1995, p. 8):

Hey, some of my best friends are Protistans. I’m proud to have a lot in common with them.

You bet the school board is going to hear from me about this one. It’s bad enough to put them on the same plane as bacteria and list them next to fungi, but to talk about their “diverse” lifestyles – well, we all know what that means, and it’s just not fair to make those kind of insinuations.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

6 thoughts on “Religious Bigotry in Science Textbooks

  1. Charles—-

    Even though you live 1000 miles away from me—–your wife is the GEATEST niece I could ever hope to have.

    I remember how at age 16 I held her in my arms, as she was baptized in the lutheran faith. I was not LDS at that time either.

    Now we all share the LDS faith. I love you and your wife. And I will not tell her what you said. I kind of thing as my wife as fungal also.

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