Merry Christmas from the Communist Party

On Dec. 24, as we were at the Hongqiao Airport in Shanghai on our way to Hong Kong, I was touched by the abundant Christmas themes on display and the frequent use of the words “Merry Christmas”–not “Seasons Greetings,” “Happy Holidays,” or “Merry Xmas,” but the greeting that sends frigid shivers up the spines of some folks because it reminds them that there is some kind of  religious concept or religious figure that was once associated with Christmas, before it was fully incorporated (now owned as part of a joint venture between Amazon and Google). Fortunately, China’s Communist Party, which owns and operates the airports and much more, isn’t afraid to spread a little authentic Christmas cheer. Here’s a view of the passenger carts that scurry around the airport. Most adorable Communist Party ever!

Author: Jeff Lindsay

3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from the Communist Party

  1. What do you think of the product I saw in Deseret Book, "Cards Against Mormanity"? Obviously a twist on Cards Against Humanity. Have you filed the name of your blog?

  2. Nice of Communist China to do this. Funny old world, isn't it; where a Communist government will celebrate Christmas while even hinting at that here in some places in the US, the "Home of the free and land of the brave", the powers that be will try to fire you for mentioning the word Christmas. See the University of Tennessee and their push to ban Christmas parties.

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