Oh, Did I Mention We’re All Toast?

Wait until the kids are asleep before you read this somber report from Tom Szabo: “The Fed is Bankrupt: Update on the Helicopter,” giving some insights into what is going on behind the scenes with the current financial crisis, and why we could face rapid inflation, even hyperinflation, very soon. Zimbabwe did it by doing the same thing we’re doing. Don’t think we’re immune from the disease that spreads when politicians and banksters are given a free license to print all the money they want. The helicopter refers to Ben Bernanke’s statement a couple years ago that if there was a financial crisis, he’d recommend loading up helicopters with cash and dumping cash over America. That’s what he’s been doing – inflationary creation of money to dump into the system. But it’s not working as he hoped.

This is a great time to shore up your food storage, pay up your property taxes and credit cards, and cut down on unnecessary expenses. If you have anything left to invest, you are extremely lucky – might want to think about something that won’t vaporize if there is hyperinflation or if the CEO is a crook. I recommend silver, being at a ridiculous low at the moment (on paper – the price for real silver is typically much higher as there is something of a shortage).

Stay calm and cheerful. We’ll get through this, especially if you’ve got food storage. Meanwhile, go Packers!


Author: Jeff Lindsay

3 thoughts on “Oh, Did I Mention We’re All Toast?

  1. I used to wonder about the reasons for revelations and prophecies of the terrible events to take place in the last days. A while back I realized that it wasn’t simply to scare the nonbeliever (or believer) into submission and obedience. Rather, it is a comfort (though still not desired) provided by a loving Father for the faithful believer to see the events unfold, as expected, without surprise.

    The coming economic and financial disaster reminds me of this as I speak often with one of my ‘unbeliever’ friends. He is so stressed about it that it is eating him up and creating turmoil in his family. The juxtaposition of my unafraid attitude strengthens my testimony of the scriptures and the inspiration of living prophets for their counsel.

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