Multimedia Files at FARMS: Chiasmus in the Book of Mormon, and More

FARMS, the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies, has a free set of multimedia files with a variety of important lectures to help us better appreciate the scriptures and the Temple. I am especially pleased with the multimedia files on Book of Mormon topics, including a couple of my favorite presentations: “A Scholar Looks at Evidences for the Book of Mormon” by Daniel C. Peterson, and “Chiasmus in the Book of Mormon” by John W. Welch. There are also presentations on DNA and several other interesting topics. The presentations are provided in your choice of three formats. Enjoy!


Author: Jeff Lindsay

4 thoughts on “Multimedia Files at FARMS: Chiasmus in the Book of Mormon, and More

  1. I read the review of How Much Was Known about Chiasmus in 1829 When the Book of Mormon Was Translated? John Welch is a fascinating man. I am looking for more of his research/books on Chiasmus. I have always thought of Chiasmas as being musical in its nature.

    James Welch, brother of John Welch is a distinguished LDS organist.

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