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If you’re looking for forums to discuss LDS matters, consider – an online community to learn about LDS doctrine, beliefs, and other matters. It is sponsored by the More Good Foundation. Many topics. Especially suited for people interested in learning and discussing what Latter-day Saints believe.


Author: Jeff Lindsay

5 thoughts on “ – Valuable Online Community

  1. It’s a nice community. The people over at the MA&D Boards (formally the FAIR Boards) are redirecting fellowship discussions over there since they think it’ll be a very enviroment.

  2. On your recommendation, I checked it out this evening. I was embarrassed by many of the comments. Do you really think there is value in letting “just anyone” answer questions about LDS doctrine and practices?

  3. It seems a lot more friendly to the Church than many of the comments I get here at Mormanity. What area did you look at?

  4. And it is moderated to some degree, so trolls seeking to dump boatloads of anti-matter will be beamed back to outer darkness.

  5. Beamed back to outer darkness…come now…no body is in there yet…except maybe the trolls. But when then that judgment take place? I must have missed it, because I still lurk around. Though I have been described as a half-troll, half-gnome…

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