LDS Apologists Daniel Peterson, John Tvedtnes Cleared of Drug Charges from Anti-Mormon Critics: Conclusive Negative Test Results

After submitting themselves to extensive drug testing, prolific LDS Apologists John A. Tvedtnes and Daniel C. Peterson, both of BYU, have been completely cleared of allegations from anti-Mormon critics regarding improper drug use. Test results show no trace of mental steroids have been used. “Their mental performance has not been artificially enhanced with illicit mental steroids,” said the physician who conducted the testing. Anti-Mormon critics remain skeptical and continue to insist that some kind of unfair competitive advantage has been obtained.

Encouraged by the results (and publicity) from the testing of Tvedtnes and Peterson, amateur Webmaster and junior apologist Jeff Lindsay also submitted himself for mental steroid testing and received a clean bill of health – with no need to give a blood sample. “There was no need for chemical testing in this case,” said the physician. “It’s rather easy to discern that he’s not on mental steroids of any kind.” Mr. Lindsay underscored that point with his response: “Yippee!”


Author: Jeff Lindsay

6 thoughts on “LDS Apologists Daniel Peterson, John Tvedtnes Cleared of Drug Charges from Anti-Mormon Critics: Conclusive Negative Test Results

  1. Reminder: links to anti-Mormon sites are ones that I reserve the right to delete in comments posted here. I am not especially interested in increasing their traffic.

    The link that someone posted had a popular anti saying that he sent letters to several professors around the country to see if they were familiar with Daniel Peterson or other FARMS folks as scholars in Near Eastern Studies, and the three response he got back said no.

  2. Bookslinger, this was an odd post, I’ll admit. I was thinking about the Meanest Man in Mormonism award, a fictitious award that has been suggested as appropriate to Daniel Peterson or others, whose aggressive treatment of the substance of some attacks is sometimes reviled as “mean.” And then a random thought about athletes and drug testing led to the “mental steroids” line. So I threw in a plug for Peterson and Tvedtnes, who I think are pretty sharp. Not much to get and not really any serious background to consider.

  3. Some of us just have high IQs. Brain comes with its own pharma. Daniel Peterson is very intelligent and his arguments are hands-down the best! Anti-Mormons get twitterpattered around his genius.

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